What Do BioShock And Batman Have In Common?

BioShock and Batman. Apart from the "B" thing, you wouldn't think the two had a thing in common. But then, you'd only say that if you hadn't seen a 1994 episode of the Batman animated series, called "Deep Freeze".

In this episode, an intelligent, if slightly deranged man builds a city in the middle of the ocean. He does so to carve himself and his followers an oasis, a fortress against an outside world he believes is in sharp decline. Sounds familiar.

This city, called Oceana, has - like the rest of the Batman series - a distinct "art deco" appearance. Which BioShock also boasts. There are also helicopter security robots. Just like BioShock.

Of course, there are also marked differences. Deep Freeze focuses more on the story of Batman villain Dr Freeze, and Oceana's creator, Grant Walker, is more Bond villain than Andrew Ryan, as he seeks to destroy the outside world by freezing it.

So it's not a "copy". Nobody is alleging that. All we're saying is, if you're a fan of BioShock and Batman, and would like to indulge your fantasy of seeing the two come together (in a way that's not Batman vs Big Daddy), you should try and track down a copy of the episode.

How BioShock's Plot Was Predicted by Batman: The Animated Series in 1994 [Geekosystem]


    I have to say I thought it was a wee bit Rapture the last time I watched the episode. Didn't see a big daddy though

    The Gamesradar review for Akham Asylum's subtitle was 'Gotham is the new Rapture'.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

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