What Do PlayStation 3 Owners Want Most From Sony?

Cross-game voice chat. How do we know? By looking at the newly launched PlayStation.blog Share, a PlayStation fan's sounding board that will let the powers that be know just how badly you want auto-syncing trophies and backwards compatibility.

In fact, those are the top three demands PlayStation 3 owners are making of Sony right now, three as-yet undelivered features that are kicking the arse of "We Want Turkish subtitles for PS3" in popularity as this very moment.

PlayStation.blog Share, vaguely Digg and Reddit like, is supposed to be a place for the PlayStation consumer to voice their frustrations, make their voices heard in a more prominent place and rally the support of their fellow gamers.

A neat idea that has already spawned one creative suggestion we can definitely get behind. Sorry, Jack Tretton, but the people know a brightly shining star when they see one.

PlayStation.blog Share [PlayStation.com]


    They could easily work on a backwards compatible emulation patch. Even if it costs I would buy it. It would save me having to pull my ps2 out in my already cluttered setup.

    Oh but one thing I would really want is the ability to change your screen name. Xbox does it (even if it costs alot).

    Have Sony run their own servers instead of renting them from third party company. That way, we could have NO LAG, EG; Warhawk, Resistance 1-2 and all those other games by Sony...........

    Try the program "mkv2vob" (google it) for changing MKV to a format the PS3 can play. It doesn't transcode the file, so there's no quality loss. It's really easy as well, I hear they've trained monkeys to be able to do it.

    I too would kill for a backwoods compatibility patch or whatever, as I have a few games from ps2 to go back and play ... one day.

    wtf is cross game chat?

    A fix on Play TV so that we can change the channels simply by typing the channel number. At the moment it only works for 1 and 10 I think.

    Meh, I don't care about cross game chat. What I want is NO LAG i n my online play.

    How about a 3 year warranty? My PS3 died less than a week ago like so many others (where the fan kicks in at high speed just before it switches itself off and the standby light flashes red, and any attempts to turn it back on result in the YLoD). For a console that's meant to be around for 10 years, it's kinda crappy when they die after 2.

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