What Does Japan Really Think About Game Consoles?

Ask Google. The Japanese language version of the search engine catalogues the most popular searches. Those automatically pop up when searching. So what displays for the Nintendo Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360?

The thinking here is that by listing what Japan searches for, this will provide a window into what the country is interested in and even concerned about regarding home video game consoles.

Nintendo Wii Nintendo club Nintendo DS Nintendo repair Nintendo DS software at a glance Nintendo home page Nintendo use Nintendo DSi Nintendo Wii software Nintendo stock price

PS3 software PS3 price PS3 new model PS3 software ranking PS3 modding PS3 media server PS3 mk2 PS3 save data PS3 HDD swapping PS3 wiki

Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Arcade Xbox 360 modding Xbox 360 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Limitededition Xbox 360 wireless game adaptor Xbox 360 wiki Xbox 360 software Xbox 360 controller for windows Xbox 360 hard disk

Since the Japanese language doesn't have spaces per se (there are dots, though), I tried searching "Xbox360" and turned up this:

Xbox360 software Xbox360 modding Xbox360 price Xbox360 breakdown/failure Xbox360 wiki Xbox360 controller Xbox360 software at a glance wiki Xbox360 Elite Xbox360 HDMI Xbox360 mk2



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