What If Tron Were Released In 1962?

If Disney's computer generated sci-fi epic appeared a few decades earlier and title sequence master Saul Bass got the job, well, it would probably look just like this, requiring a farm of PDP-1s to render.

Oh, sure this Bass-inspired Tron send-up is positively ancient in internet terms—creator Hexagonall uploaded the parody to Vimeo some six months ago—but with Tron Legacy arriving later this year, offering a glimpse at the Tron of the now, it's always fun to look back.

Tron vs. Saul Bass [Vimeo via Gizmodo / Slashfilm]


    Dunno why but I immediately thought Cowboy Bebop as soon as it started.

    That was cool. It reminded me of The Pink Panther.

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