What Is BioWare Counting Down To?

A mysterious countdown timer has appeared on BioWare's home page, as well as the pages for Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. What is BioWare revealing on Monday?

Kotakuite Alexander pointed us to the countdown clock that's now ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Monday morning at noon Eastern time, 9AM Pacific (3am AEDT) across most of BioWare's current web presence. I say most, because while the timer is indeed on BioWare's main, Mass Effect and Dragon Age pages, it does not appear on the page for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which leads me to believe the reveal has nothing to do with that game in particular.

With the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion pack was recently released, and Mass Effect 2's Kasumi downloadable content coming in April, what could the developer possibly have up its sleeve for Monday, March 29? A new game? More downloadable content? A version of Mass Effect 2 that isn't for the Xbox 360 or PC?

It's time for rampant speculation. You folks know what to do.


    I bet it's special DLC to join the two worlds. I remember reading about how the moons from Dragon Age are incredibly similar to a planet group in ME:2... Pity I got both games on seperate consoles. Otherwise that would have been *sweet*

      Can you imagine running around the galaxy with Morrigan making witty, sarcastic comments about every little thing that Shepherd does?
      Or better than that, fighting off darkspawn with a Krogan. You know, this idea is kinda cool...

      Personally I hope that doesn't happen.

    Willing to bet expansion news for both games. A crossover would be a bit out there. However dosen't the 29th hit on some convention in the US? I think it's PAX East? That would be interesting...

    Could it finally be the "slap Morrigan" DLC we all long for?

    the Rachni are arriving en masse... in both games?

      The Rachni are a dead race

        Um. Not if you saved them in the first? The Queen sends you a message in the second game. Kinda hard to do that if you're dead. right.

    Though I hope I'm wrong, I think it will be announcements for ME3 and Dragon Age 2 for sometime later this year or early 2011. If they already have the nuts and bolts of both game engines and aren't changing anything drastic, it's probably reduced the dev cycle for both games.

    I just hope they don't rush these two. In my opinion the latest Dragon Age expansion was a great RPG, but in terms of quality it wasn't a 'Bioware RPG' if that makes any sense.

    I never understood the whole "Fight for the Lost" tag line. What was that all about?

      Maybe hiding meaning that the Protheans were enslaved? Or to fight for humanity because they won't fight for themselves?

        Spoiler warnings Travis.
        Use them.

      Lost/missing human colonists.

      Your fighting for the colonists which 'disapeared' and are now lost.

    How mysterious! I'm betting expansion news, or large DLC news. I don't want to hear about ME3 yet... I don't want them to rush it.

    a bundle of the 2 games perhaps?

    Jade Empire 2

    Dragon Effect 2010, Powered by Dew and brought to you by Burger King.

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