What Is This: PC Hardware, Or City Of The Future?

This is an "enthusiast" motherboard. The Rampage III Extreme. And by "enthusiast", manufacturers Asus mean "hardcore PC gamers". This would normally be where we all start nodding off, but really, take a look at this thing.

That's not a piece of hardware you stuff inside a desktop PC. It looks more like a miniature rendition of Los Angeles, circa Blade Runner. Which is fantastic.

Also worthy of note is the fact that the motherboard is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, meaning you can control its overclocking features straight from your mobile. See? It's from the future.

The Rampage III Extreme will be out later this year.

Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Encapsulates Evil [Gizmodo]


    It looks all right, I'll give it that... but Bluetooth overclocking? That is the most batshit retarded feature I have ever heard of. It's like, I can understand a motherboard having bluetooth so you can hook up your phone, etc... but what... you want to overclock your PC from the other room? Maybe you need to be a member of the uber PC master race, but this I do not get.

    So that you can oc while doing other shit on screen.

    I thitnk this one also does the 4 way SLI...

    think about it... 4 high end graphic cards... like wow... of normal cards being $500 u can stack up 2k worth of graphic cards in one of these...

    I just hope to god its not going to have like x8,x8,x8,x8.. that would suck... reason why Tri-SLI is worthless with x16,x16,x1...

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