What You Could Buy Instead Of An iPad

Apple's iPad will be capturing the imaginations of millions around the world this week. But when you consider what you're getting for your money, well, buying one may not seem like such a great idea.

We've taken what's shaping up as the most popular version of Apple's book-reading, web-browsing and game-playing device, broken down how much it costs, then shown you what else you could get for your $US499.

If you're looking at it as a games machine, that iPad doesn't look like such a great idea now, does it? If you're just in the market for some moustache wax while browsing the app store, though, well, we're glad we could help.

Click the image above to embiggen it.


    Hilarious and so true.

    Wow, this comic really puts into perspective how much mustache cream I use... Maybe I should cut back.

      Or grow a mustache at least, it's a bit weird using that much cream without one....

    How about a really big magnifying glass for my ipod touch. I think that is also an option...

    You forgot 25 pink bindi backpacks that nobody wants or cares about anyway... and other stuff

    Imagine what you could do with 12 Xbox HD DVD players...

    Actually, 120GB Elite Xbox 360 is selling for AU$399 along with 5 games, two of which are ODST and Forza...so part of that graphic is WRONG.

      Forza and ODST is the current bundle in the US.

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