What's On Good Game Tonight?

Many lols were had bringing you this week’s episode of Good Game...

* Bruised and battered after our run-in with Red Steel 2, we managed to cradle our RSI-affected limbs throughout our review of the ‘first person brawler’.

* Just Cause 2 takes us on a sky-diving, airplane-surfing, everything-grappling adventure through this epic sandbox world. Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

We catch up with Rei over in Paris... and we meet our NEW REPORTER, who has some great stories lined up for us.

We also have a 5-UP on our all-time top five best ever video game theme tunes.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Til next week, Hex


    ***** **** ** **** ****. ***** *** **** ***** ****, ** *** ** ****** **. "*** * ****** ** **** ** ******** *** * ** ***** ***!!!*!!!"

    now watch you sensor this you facist.

      Actually, all I sense is that you're a monumental idiot. I will, however, censor this.

        This is like hangman... right? I'll have an R, and E and an S please!

        Damn, now I want to find out just how stupid the comment was!

        I came, I saw, I LOL'd :D

        i didn't make any 'sense' out of that, at all. ba-dum-tish!

        I'm more interested to know what a facist is. Someone who discriminates according to how attractive they find another persons face?

          Someone wasn't paying attention during their high school history lessons. =P Fascism was basically what the Second World War was all about.

            Someone wasn't paying attention when they responded to the previous comment. Fascist and facist are markedly different. I do think you should update the Wiki entry on Fascism to, "basically what the Second World War was all about."

            Ben wasn't paying attention in history class either apparently.

            Someone wasn't paying attention to what Marowi said. =P He said "facism" a la the original post, not fascism.

            Haha, you must've been taking that class whilst missing out on important spelling bees ;)

            Facist =/= Fascist

            Yes that is what fascism is but he said 'facist'!

            You can laugh to yourself that faggot fan boys are lapping up your bullshit but when your show gets canceled you'll know why. It's because neither you or the ditsy blonde know anything about games.

            I mean, look back to the michael jackson game episode. "YOU-LAH-LAH" - THEY SAY HER NAME IN THE FARKING GAME YOU DIPSHITE.

            Anyway, you're both just terrible. If it's worth anything then I thought you might have some value, but clearly you're a self loving arse who can't take criticism and who hates free speech.

            Asteriks this again if you like, I'm not going to rage, I just wanted to let you know that you're doing a terrible job. I won't be returning to this section and I hope you get canceled.

              "I won’t be returning to this section"



      I think I'm missing a key plot reference.

      You my friend, have ashamed everyone with the name Ben in the world. GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR.

    Ben is, in my humble opinion, a medically certified dickhead.

    Me and Ben am going to play Facists and Communards in the sand pit later. (I hope he doesn't get any more up his bits and pieces. LOLOLOL.)

    Just Cause 2... awesome sandbox madness!!

    Very keen to play Just Cause 2. It seems to have ducked under the radar and is leaving an impression on a lot of people.

      Yeah I know that among my group of friends it is eagerly anticipated and probably to become the most fun game I've ever played. Sure not the best story, or atmosphere, or the most impressive, but it's insanely fun.

    just cause 2... ah yeaha! that's one in my preorder basket i can't wait for this weekend!

    'Cool guys don’t look at explosions.'

    I see what you did there :P

    The demo never left a good impression on me. I own the original, which by the way was fairly horrible... and the second one is a huge improvement, but theres still things that just get my goat that still exist from the first game.

    I want JC2 naow.

    I lol'd pretty hard at the tickle boom... and I'm glad to hear wonky donkey making a comeback. I thought Bajo had given up on it.

    what the hell is going on here? its not my comment thats being removed or censored !!!!

    i will neva look at an explosion again.. I cant believe what they go thru to bring us a new good game ep. hope jungle man had a good one at his lan,hav'nt been to one myself since 1999

    1. Looks like you guys got trolled.
    2. I thought they cancelled this post, it's (supposedly) being posted by Hex now - do you guys have a marketting agreement with ABC or what?
    3. If you read Kotaku you do not need to watch Good Game, it takes like 30 minutes to go through Kotaku anyway and Good Game just re-covers it.

    Oh noes! HEX replaced Junglist on Kotaku as well!

    like an early april fools or someshit

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