What's On Good Game Tonight?

Happy God of War 3 week, everyone!

* Yes, you’ve waited long enough – VENGEANCE WILL BE OURS with our God of War 3 review – will Kratos finally be able to overthrow Zeus, once and for all? Regardless, there will be much spillage of intestines, great and small.

* We take things underground with Metro 2033 – will skag-like creatures ever escape us?

* Another brilliant Backwards Compatible in store this week, as we look back over the Elder Scrolls series.

ALSO – Our all-time TOP FIVE best ever gaming guns. You may be surprised to find out which made it to first place...

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

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    This will be good, I'd love to see what they say about the Elder Scrolls series, as well as the gaming guns. And wait... are they going to review Metro 2033? I didn't think it was out yet?

    "TOP FIVE best ever gaming guns"

    1. BFG9000

    Anyone beg to differ?

    Just gotta love TES

    Who gave Hex authorisation?

    hex with her own login now huh? maybe we'll see more of her on kotakuau now..

    Predictions for top 5 gaming guns:

    1. The Halo:CE Pistol
    2. The BFG9000 from Doom
    3. The gun from Painkiller that shoots shurikens and lightning
    4. The gravity gun from Half Life
    5. The portal gun from Portal

      I'd be considering these possibilities too:

      - Quake Rocket Launcher (rocket jump)
      - AWP from Counterstrike
      - Something from Goldeneye 64 (Golden Gun, Moonraker laser (pew pew pew!), RCP90)
      - Something from Armed and Dangerous (shark gun comes to mind)

    w00t! Last week's show was really good, the commentary was insightful and entertaining - looking forward to seeing what gets dished up tonight on iView! :)

    Looking forward to Good Game tonight. Hopefully with the God of War review they will get out of their slump.

    God of War 3 review was Epic!! Great review.

    QUESTION DESERVING AN ANSWER: Where is my Good Game Friday night repeat on ABC1? I work late so I only get to see Good Game on Monday nights once a month. Sure I could purchase a TiVO or whatever, or even watch a grainy repeat on the site, but I do miss being able to come home on a Friday night and unwind to my Good Game Friday night repeat on ABC1

      Yeah I miss Friday night Good Game too.,
      We actually do have a TiVo but there's a million and one things to record on Monday nights and GG always gets lost in the shuffle.
      Bring back Friday night GG. Please.

    The portal gun has to be number one.

    You know, Hex is alright. Obviously the lack of Junglist opinion was a great loss, but those who were quick to judge her off as "just" a nice face surely have to swallow their words.

    As for God of War... I kinda expected it to get a really high review score, and I have no doubt the game is incredible. But 9.5... really? Especially when Mass Effect 2 got a lower 8.5 and 9.

    "they're all in your peripheralsssss"

    best moment

    1. I love you portal gun. When you realise you're the unlucky piece of ammunition you're left to ponder "Am I holding the gun or is it holding me?"
    2. Quake rocket elevator. I hit you it hurts. I miss you and it hurts. I can't see you, I shoot my self, fly through the air to find you... and make you hurt.
    3. Translocator telefrag, i feel so dirty saying that but... cue NIN and Closer... from the inside people, inside. Thank you UT
    4. The gravity gun... sawmill blade + zombie = genius. Also RMIB's (that's "rapidly moving I-beams") and MAT's (mass accelerated toilets)
    5. BFG - the only weapon for handling unending waves of hell spawn.

    Honourable mention to the Rock-It Launcher from fallout 3.

    So... do Hex and Bajo ever disagree on a review, or do they always give a pair of identical scores?

    Oh and my top five weapons list would have been veeeeeeeery different.

    1. The double barrel shotgun from Doom II.
    2. The assault rifle from Halo.
    3. The AK47 from CoD 4... (note, definitely not the one from MW2)
    4. The magnum from Half Life 2.
    5. The minigun from Serious Sam.

    I can't seem to see the gravity gun as a gun... it's more like a tool with a secondary ability to smoosh people. And my list is going by the weapons I just like using. There'd be multiple weapons from Doom, Halo and Half Life, but these are the ones that stick in my head as the best.

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