When Gun Nuts Meet Video Games

Firearms enthusiasts. Video gamers. They sound like two completely different groups of people, but both have one thing in common: everyone else thinks they're crazy.

That's one of the key takeaways from a great piece over on the Escapist, written by a man who is both a gamer and a gun lover, a games writer and a member of the National Rifle Association.

"Shooting is fun; gaming is stimulating. Not quite what you'd expect to hear, and certainly not what many anti-gun and gaming advocates would lead you to believe," writes Russ Pitts. "In fact, most people who neither shoot nor play games assume that people who engage in those activities do so for the opposite reasons, and the mere suggestion that gamers might also own guns brings to mind the horrific images of the shootings at Columbine, perpetrated by two boys who were videogamers and firearm fanatics."

"Yet in talking with the gunners and gamers, it becomes clear that these are not members of the lunatic fringe. In fact, those who are most serious about gaming and gunning are probably the least dangerous people you'll ever meet, and less likely to harm themselves or others than 'casual' hobbyists - i.e. people looking for a combat rifle on Google so they can 'pwn noobs'."

While the kind of gun ownership advocated by those in the article may not sit well with those outside the US (or inside and anti-gun), the other stuff - like gamers and their instant fascination with Modern Warfare 2's Bushmaster ACR weapon - is good reading.

Gunners and Gamers [Escapist]


    Maybe such people are the most harmless is because we get stress relife from gun shooting (and other) videogames. Oh and possibly shooting ranges.

    I like the comment about the racing gamers being the ones to watch out for.
    I play many FPS's and have never considered shooting anyone. However, after playing a lot of NFS Most Wanted I went for a drive and upon seeing a cop coming the other way I almost booted it down a side street.

    Shooting is fun, who ever suggested it wasn't? It appeals to me hugely as I'm really anal about angles and trajectories and absolutely love nailing a perfect shot by compensating for bullet drop. It doesn't matter what gun either, even a little air rifle with some cans can be just as fun :)

    Peoples mistake is thinking the only thing guns do is kill things. Mind you pest control is quite fun too but I certainly don't advocate hunting as a sport.

      What else can you do with a gun besides kill things or simulate killing things; hammer nails with the handle? Guns are 100% weapons, they have no other purpose.

        Hunting, although semiautomatic handguns and full automatic rifles would be questionable purchases. Who knows maybe that Uzi will help flush out a rabbit.

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