Whenever The Next Half-Life Comes Out, It Had Better Be Scary

Games have "gotten away from genuinely scaring the player," and Half-Life, whenever it deploys its next episode, needs to get back to doing just that, the game's boss said

Gabe Newell, the Valve honcho, was asked if the game's tone has matured along with its audience's over the past 12 years. He told Edge magazine that the game's writers hadn't necessarily proceeded in that direction, although if the game's themes had changed it was because "simply repeating the past isn't going to have the same impact now as it did then.

However, "I feel like we've gotten away from genuinely scaring the player more than I'd like, and it's something we need to think about, in addition to broadening the emotional palette we can draw on."

And Newell knows exactly what pushes those emotional buttons. Asked what scares Valve's gamers the most, he replied: "The death of their children. The fading of their own abilities."

Gabe Newell: Next Half-Life Needs to Scare [CVG]



    Wait, scary as in horror scary? I didn't know Half-Life was supposed to be a horror game....

      it was still freaking terrifying for me, especially the fast zombies, they just came out of nowhere

    'The fading of their own abilities' sounds interesting when applied to half life.

    As to it being scary, I think the first contact part of Half-life 1 was kind of scary. If not in a jump out and make you scream way then more in a suspenseful and creepy way. Running around with just a crowbar while monsters were spawning in all around you, watching scientists get attacked in the very next room. I always remember that one poor guy hanging off the elevator calling for help.. but you can never get there in time.

      I agree, first contact was fairly disturbing. I would like more disturbing moments in HL3.

    Half-Life isn't a horror game at, and it might lose a few players if it did become one.
    That is one of the stand outs of Hal-Life, its a game that lets you shoot invading aliens but isn't a horror game.

    I think with Valve being in the spotlight with Mac and announcing Portal 2 etc... is a build up to Episode 3.

    They're talking more and more and the game conventions going on with hidden messages etc...
    TALKING about future Half-Life without addressing anything NEW exactly.

    If they leave Episode 3 OUT of E3 - it will become the next Duke Nukem except for announcing the bloody thing than releasing it. Heck heaps of games have been announced a good 2 or 3 or even MORE years before they're released. At least put the fanboys to rest BY announcing that Episode 3 is alive and well... AT LEAST!

    If HL2 ep3 becomes a horror game I'll be really sad. I like HL2 and like a lot of people have been looking forward to ep3 for too long. Last thing I want is it to become silent hill. Interested in avoiding all horror games. Games are meant to be fun. HL2 is awesome fun. Horror isn't. But why change the style totally but recycle the characters? HL2 characters aren't so perfect and wonderful that a decent writer couldn't do better than them in creating a game for a different genre. You're going to make Alyx a screamer like jamie lee curtis in fri 13th? or a tough chick like sigourney in alien? Just write something new and leave half life out of it.

    I don't think I'd want to play Half-Life if it was any more scary. I don't particularly enjoy playing games like Bioshock or Dead Space for that reason, where as the Half-Life series is less edge of your seat scary, and more atmospheric.

    Ahh who am I kidding, I'll just stick to Civ 4 until Civ 5 comes out.

    Umm... to all those people saying "Half Life is not a horror game"...

    Whilst yes, the game is an FPS rather than a survival horror game, the first Half-Life DID have some genuinely frightening moments. The sparse, minimal narrative combined with the whole "secret lab" setting really worked at upping the paranoia levels. And the G-Man everywhere...

    It mightn't exactly be flat-out horror, but its certainly got the whole "X-Files-esque Conspiracy/Suspense" thing going on.

    I find horror games or elements of horror make me feel uncomfortably tense and unnerved, to the point where i just don't want to play certain games anymore. As wussy as it sounds, I much prefer games like Mass Effect and Halo, which are bright and vibrant.

    Funnily enough, Ravenholm was one of my favourite parts of Half-Life 2. Go figure.

    Yeah, I don't like horror games very much either. And personally, I dislike the zombie aspect of Half Life encroaching on the much more interesting alien/combine aspect of it.

    Half Dead 2. The zombies in half life are only from those old times, when zombies were 'horror' involving parasitic beings - headcrabs. You can't take the zombies out of game expansions. Truly, i believe that if episode 3 will be only in borealis, it shouldnt be a lot of zombies. It could have more mistery. And btw, i think first portal two will be realesed, then - Half life 2 episode 3. Rememeber Orange box? Portal game gave a lot of new understanding about half life. I think its gonna be the same with portal 2 and ep3.

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