Where To Next For Call Of Duty?

The writing is on the wall. With Infinity Ward's leadership removed and Activision announcing a raft of new titles, the market is about to be saturated with Call of Duty games. So we figured we'd lend a hand.

Rather than simply release an endless stream of World War 2 games, which is what ruined Medal of Honor, or try to follow IW's footsteps and step into the modern era, we think the studios taking the reins of the Call of Duty franchise should try a little harder. Shoot for left field. With games like this.


    Uh, how about Call of Duty: Flogging a Dead Horse

    None of those were even remotely funny...

    The Call of Duty Know Nothing was the best one...good old Schultz.

    Was anyone else waiting for Call of Duty Hero

    Call of Duty: A Cunning Plan

    Best game ever.

    Aside: Typing 'cunning plan' into the address bar (i.e. Google's I'm Feeling Lucky) returns the Wikipedia entry on Baldrick :P

    I would actually play a few of those games, COD Blackadder and COD Gwar particularly.

    COD Allo allo though? Youuu stupid kotaku...


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