Which Of These Ladies Looks Like Their In-Game Counterpart?

Meet The Hostesses of Yakuza 4! Because, you know, game publisher SEGA might cut them out of the Western release like it did with Japanese crime game Yakuza 3. So if you are going to meet them, here's your chance!

SEGA held an open casting call, and a horde of young Japanese women auditioned for the part of in-game Yakuza 4 hostess. The finalists appeared in the title and given in-game counterparts. Let's see how the Yakuza 4 versions compare with their real-life counterparts.


She is 23 years-old, half Japanese. Her hobby is music and she likes chocolate. Her blood type is A. (Blood type, the Japanese believe, denotes personality. Read more here.)

In real life, she is a half-Brazilian porn star.

Himeka Kawasaki

This 24-year-old hails from Japan's Kansai region. She's chatty and considers her life work to be hostess. Her hobbies include going to hot springs and collecting perfume. Her blood type is O.

In real life, Himeka works at Osaka hostess bar Zoo in the city's Higashishinsaibashi district.

Shizuka Saitou

Shizuka is a 29 year-old classic Japanese beauty. For various circumstances, she has entered the world of hostessing. She likes sweet things, but dislikes spicy things. Her blood type is O.

She's a Tokyo girl and claims to have a glasses fetish.

Noa Mizutani

Friendly and 21 years old, Mizutani loves fried food, but hates vegetables. Her blood type is B.

Mizutani has worked as a "race queen" (think booth babe for racing) in the past and is currently modelling.

Erena Aihara

Another Kansai girl, Aihara is described as being both "wound-up" and "womanly". She loves perfume, and her blood type is O.

The Kyoto-native has been appearing on television - Take Me Out, for example.

Chihiro Ikki

This 20-year-old university student is moving into womanhood. She's not a heavy drinker.

Chihiro seems like an upbeat young lady. Her favourite video game is Puyo Puyo.

Maya Mori

She is both gaudy and mature. Mori is 24 years old, and her blood type is A. She likes the nightlife and chocolate.

In real life, Mori is a model for Japanese girls' fashion mag Jelly.



    what fantastic beauty models!! amazingly real!!
    maybe i will get one to put on my bed, haha!!

    In this case, 3D >>> 2D. Except Aihara, who is scary regardless of picture. She looks like a bride of Dracula or something.

    Also lol I love the Japan-apologist article about blood types, bringing up Western racism but failing to mention it became popular to prove Japan's pure Yamato blood was superior to the lowly less-evolved mainland Asians during the events leading up to WW2. Gotta love a good spot of gaijin-bashing.

    Their faces are all the wrong shape. They've tried to make them into anime characters and thusly lost a lot of the likeness. Look at the shape of their head and then the characters. They have much rounder heads than the 3D likenesses do.

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