Who Remembers Their First Gaming Experience?

This Tuesday was a very important day. It was the first day my one-and-a-half-year-old son played his first video game.

The game? Wii Sports baseball. And by playing he held the Wii Remote and kinda swung his arm. My older son doesn't really play that many video games - instead, he likes to fold paper and play with LEGO. But when he does, Wii Sports is something he likes to play. And now something he can play with his little brother.

Say what you will about the Wii. When you're a one-year-old, flailing about makes for a delightful gaming experience. Watching your child flail about with a Wii Remote, even more so.

I don't really remember my first gaming experience. As a kid, I do remember the Magnavox Odyssey and Pong. My cousin had an Atari 2600, and I still have very vivid memories playing that. But I don't quite remember which was first. You know, that exact moment in which I became exposed to video games.

I'll never forget, though, when my youngest son did.


    Great photo.

    My first gaming memory was grannys garden a rubbish educational game in school... it did however blow my mind and get me fixated on gaming :D

      Way to take me back in time with that one! You've got the music running through my head :)

      Granny's Garden, POD, Logo and Zork would all be up there as the earliest I remember.

    hes not going to remember that though. his first gaming experience he will remember will probably be with the wii 2 by the time his mind is developed. my first gaming experience was twisted metal 1 on ps1 with my dad. i know i played snes before that, but i cant remember it so...

      So did it really happen? Dun dun DUNNN.

    my extended family used to holiday at my grandparents place at Old Bar (NSW); at an extremely young age my uncle used to teach me the arts of Super Mario Bros. (NES of course)... by the end of hol's he had me doing speed runs of levels like a pro (I was 4-5). Its a bit strange that Mario was my first game though because before I was born my dad had a Afterburner edition Commodore 64 pack stashed away for me which I only really discovered after I latched myself into NES mania. Its strange being less then 10 and knowing how to navigate DOS like a pro though, my mum couldn’t make heads or tails of it and left me to my own devices... These days kids wouldn't have a clue.

    I had dabbled in games in the past, but the game that got me going would have been InFamous. I bought 14 games last year, all from money in my own pocket.
    I don't regret even in the slightest.

    Either Impossible Mission or Spy Hunter on the Commodore 64 when I was maybe 2 or 3??

    My First gaming experience.
    Close Combat 1 on PC, i didnt know how to play it and my time was up before I figured out how to open the menu to direct my troops :(

    I went on to play that game over and over again :)

    Hmm, could be 'Alex the Kid' on sega master system or 'Fready the Fish' point and click adventure, or 'The Magic School Bus' click and point adventure.

    I remember my first gaming experience quite well. It was Octopus on the Nintendo Game n Watch. I played it for what felt like years trying to "clock" it. I eventually did at age 5.

    That would be Mario Bro on NES. Even when I was 6 I was better at in than my mum hahah. "Come and do this level for me" was a common term in my household.

    I pretty much played my entire family through their "Donkey Kong Country" nights. Then they would send me away from making them look bad lol.

    You know I never realized how gaming centric my family actually was. Thats pretty cool.

    first game was tetris, for time on a propper console was Goldeneye on the 64. I will always remember killing that scientist as he took a leek.

    Alex the Kid built into the Sega Master System followed soon after by my first game of Sonic. I still remember doing the whole 'move the controller in a jumping action in hope that it will make sonic jump further' thing everytime i tried to leap over a lava pit.

    If by gaming you mean video games, then my memory's a little fuzzy, but it was either Fishing Derby, Frogger, Pitfall, Yar's Revenge or River Raid on the Atari.

    If you meant games in general, then Cricket... Apparently I got in the way and copped a bat to the face, which might explain the memory problems...

    Playing Bubsy, Mario and some rally game on a SNES at my cousins.

    If any one knows what rally game it was, let me know! It was like a top down one, with jumps and such. It might have been Power Drive but I'm not sure.

    My first gaming experience was my dads NES which had mario and Duck Hunt. i played it first in '98

    Can't remember the name of the game but my dad snuck home a laptop from work one night and showed me this great game that was pretty much a prehistoric version of scorched earth.

    just 2 tanks, pick your power and angle and account for wind.

    still can't believe i remember that.

    Playing F11-7A Stealth Fighter with a joystick and crash-landing the black beauty.

    I wasn't very good when I was 2.

    My first gaming experience was Pong, not sure how how old I was, I think under 5.

    After that my strongest memories are playing Burgertime on the Intellivision (man I hope they bring that out for the Game Room), Enduro and Pitfall on the Atari 2600 and Super Mario Bros. on NES. Man, that takes me back.

    I know i played a commodore 64 at a friend's when i was little but i think that was long after it came out and my first gaming experience was actually the first mario on the NES at a friend's. then there was duck hunt on the NES at another friend's. both times all i wanted to do was play them forever.

    Cousins Atari 26 here...

    my first game was "Xenon" by the bitmap bros on an Amiga1000. i was 5, i saw my dad bring it home the night before, so being inquisitive, when i woke up i turned it on. but the computer was using an old tv as a monitor and the volume knob was missing and it was really loud. to i only played it for about a minute.

    good memories

    Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun and Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64

    I remember my brother getting a Super Nintendo for his birthday, but I can't remember actually playing it. We had DKC, Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World, DKC3 and Yoshi's Island.

    Unfortunately, if current thinking is correct, your son won't remember it at all. Apparently we don't start forming solid memories until we're 3 or 4 years old. We're like sieves until then with only a 6-12 month memory span.

    Mine is Zelda and Kid Icarus on a friends NES. The gold cartridge, oh man, the gold cartridge. Think I was about 7 or 8.

    I go back to Pong. I played that baby way to much. Dedicated console connect to the TV. I don't remember the brand.

    my first game?
    silkworm on the Amiga... or maybe speedball 2. i was aged 5

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