Who Won Those Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Games?

All six grands prix have been run and, indeed, won. Let's recap who won the six copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing we were giving away last week.

Remember, we had three PS3 and three Xbox 360 copies up for grabs. Plus, all six winners also scored themselves this Ryo Hazuki figure, riding his forklift from Shenmue.

Monday's PS3 winner was Michael Pannunzio. Tuesday's 360 winner was Neil Williams. Wednesday's PS3 copy went to JoeMDesign. Thursday's 360 to Lexielab. Friday's final PS3 copy was won by Nic.

And over the weekend Phoenix Wright (possibly not his real name) took home the third Xbox 360 copy.

Well done everyone. I'll be in touch later today to organise delivery of your prize.


    Congratulation to all of the above in being some downright creative #$(#$*#()


    I look forward to constantly losing to you all in the future!

    Congratulations everybody! There were some absolutely fantastic entries. If any of you guys (or any other owners of the 360 version) are keen for some races, feel free to add me on Xbox Live (gamertag: AshuraMGS3Sub). Hope to see you guys on the track soon. ^^

      Yo Neil, we'll definitely be racing... my gamertag is "Seankichu" :P

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