Why No Alan Wake On PC?

Supernatural thriller Alan Wake is being released on the Xbox 360, but once upon a time, it was also a PC game. That PC version is no more. Why? Well, the two teams responsible can't seem to agree.

Last month, publishers Microsoft released a statement saying the game was only coming to the 360 because "the most compelling way to experience 'Alan Wake' was on the Xbox 360 platform." Seemed like an iffy explanation, especially now that developers Remedy have said something completely different.

"We're a small studio, about 50 people," Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen told Digital Spy a few weeks ago. "Concentrating on one platform is just a lot easier for us where we're smaller than other studios, and its just been focused, focusing on one platform and getting that done. We have no plans for PC right now."

Poor PC, the least it deserves is a straight answer.

On the bright side, is that a "no plans" I see? It is! And we all know, wherever there are "no plans", there's always hope.

Oskari Häkkinen ('Alan Wake') [Digital Spy, via CVG]


    I'll get flamed for saying this, but there's no way all this impressive new tech they've developed for this game will be shown to its full potential on a console.

    Seems like they'd be flushing half of their work down the drain by not allowing it to be experienced at it's highest level on a top-quality gaming PC.

    Like mine.

    LOL. That's like them saying "We need a less powerful platform 'cause our game ain't so hot." The original previews for Alan Wake were in PC game magazines, so they *did* have plans for it, but something changed...

      That something is most likely to be a bucketload of money from Microsoft to make it platform exclusive.

    (Console fanboy here.. )

    But explain to me how "the most compelling way to experience ‘Alan Wake’ was on the Xbox 360 platform"

    I have a PC with a USB adapter allowing me to use a wireless controller and sit on a damn couch if I like... as long as I have a big monitor and can't see my PC Case... what is the difference again?

    I'll get this on 360 anyway so no issue from me but is that really an excuse. Just say that by limiting the scope of development we can be more focussed on a quality product in the end (rather than 2 platforms that are buggy as hell (the second answer I guess)

    Sorry and condolences PC boys (and girls).

    It'd be nice if just for once, they answered: "Yeah, we know you PC gamers all have Xboxes by now anyway, and if you don't you obviously need reminding to buy one. Also, we can charge more for the game on console."

    I would have much preferred this excuse to their ridiculous original. That said, does anyone remember when Alan Wake was originally shown and touted as taking advantage of Nvidias new graphics technology "only possible on PC", or something to that effect.

    Not to mention that PCs can handle compiling/running any script you can throw at it, meaning the "we cant develop for PCs cos we are small" argument is a complete cop-out. If you designed your engine well enough you should be able to port it over extremely easily, and seeing as it was multi-platform, I'm assuming it is pretty versatile.

    If MS would just come out and fucking say "We removed it from the PC because we want our console to have some premium exclusives", I would not even care. I would congratulate them on having a great game on their system.

    Lying to your potential customers, however, will make them not want to buy the game. I know this whole thing has soured my view of the game. I'll be waiting until it's in the bargain bin.

    Ditto Brendan's feelings. They're flat out lying.

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