Why Predators Got Made

Money. Easy as that. But there's another reason as to why filmmaker Robert Rodriguez signed off on the film. Before we get to that, watch the movie's brand new debut trailer.

Rodriguez, known for his Spy Kids and action films, wrote a Predator script in the mid-1990s while waiting for Desperado to go into production. He wrote a script was never turned into a film. When the studio wanted to base a new Predator movie off Rodriguez's script, the filmmaker was brought abroad to produce it. Besides loving the original Predator, what was the impetus for Rodriguez producing the film?

"In one of my kids movies, one of the kids was playing a video game," Rodriguez recalled at a panel discussion this month. Rodriguez asked the kid what he was playing. "He [the kid]goes, 'AvP. Respect the classics, man.' ...That's not the classics, I gotta school this punk right now. Okay, I'm doing the Predator movie."


    adrian brody isnt a beautiful man.i shall watch thi smovie for not having prettyboys

    Hmm Alien - Aliens
    Predator - Predators

    All i can say is GOOD LUCK to Rodriguez to try and match the success and acclaim that James Cameron achieved.
    No one beats Arny though...

      Rod' even says no one can top Arnie.

      And James Wall: It can't be worse than Predator 2 or AvP1(movie)

        Haha and those are some wise words he has spoke then...

        Saying that pretty much covers the fact that it WON'T be better than the original and if it reaaaaally sucks, he can say "Well no one beats Arny, i said that before!"

    Morpheus is gonna kick that Predator's ass

    This is going to be terrible.

      I'm guessing you haven't seen a Robert Rodriguez movie...

        Yeah... it was terrible

    "Rodriguez, known for his Spy Kids and action films,"

    Yes truly when i read about Rodriguez i instantly think spy kids, no other movie comes to mind faster than an old kids flick.

    Actually, I think the story resembles Pitch Black, but with more bad ass killers being hunted.

    I duno but I think this is gona be a bad movie.

    All I saw from that trailer is "Here are some scenes that we tried super hard to make look like the original Predator movie! Watch it please, not for anything new but for the sake of nostalgia!"

    Unfortunately, Predator isn't the type of movie that brings back nostalgia...

      Seriously? What do you think of when you're running for the chopper or when you're in the jungle covering yourself with mud? I *only* think of predator

    Really the first thing you think of when your hear his name is spy kids... i go straight to desperado or from dusk till dawn and sin city or planet terror. dont even think of spykids, but if youve seen the others , then you'll know its in good hands

    When I think Rodriguez, I think El Mariachi, which wasn't as good as Desperado or even Once Upon a Time in Mexico... but what he did for pretty much short change in El was an awesome acheivement. Plus the dude is an absolutely liberated director who is extremely involved in all aspects of his own material @ Troublemaker (composing, digital effects and editing) I mean that alone means alot in this day and age with all of the impersonal hack talent thats out there.

    Spy Kids btw, as a childrens movie, was pretty good.

    I'd like to see Riddick Vs the Alien/Predator

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