Will Take-Two Follow EA In Its Pursuit Of "Original Purchasers"?

Electronic Arts has recently upped its efforts to dissuade gamers from purchasing used copies of games in the form of rewards for "original purchasers" of games like The Saboteur, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Who's next? Take-Two?

In an industry starved for original ideas on par with EA's "Cerberus Network" and other Project Ten Dollar attempts, it's only a matter of time before other publishers think what a great idea those tactics are. As for Take-Two Interactive's top men, they "don't have a point of view on it, at the moment."

"We're looking at it," Take-Two execs noted during today's quarterly earnings investor call, saying "the key thing is we have to be consumer friendly and we have to be retail friendly. I think it's much more interesting to focus on thing like downloadable content."

"That said, anything's possible and we're not ruling anything out," execs clarified. And you shouldn't rule it out either, when Grand Theft Auto V is eventually announced.


    I don't see this as a bad thing for the games industry at all. After all, why SHOULDN'T the developers try to recoup something from the 2nd hand industry? People who buy it brand new are getting all this stuff free. Look at Mass Effect 2's amount of FREE dlc so far!? A bloody floating tank and what, 5 - 10 missions is next... FREE. On top of armour, shotgun, 2 x characters (1 yet to come)... Normandy crash site, Blood dragon armour (if you bought Dragon age) another gun from the Coll. edition... the only people missing out are those opting to buy the 2nd hand edition.

      And as long as the retail chains price appropriately, they potentially wont miss out at all.

      Yeah lets also make sure that you can't see the end of a movie you bought second hand without paying extra to the makers.

      Also why isn't the fact that the original owner gives up the right to play the item and gives it to the new buyer? That's how second hand works, deal with it.

        They way EB Games jacks up the price of pre-owned games with some being the same price and every on time to time occasions, being SOMEHOW priced HIGHER than a brand new version is ridiculous.

        Publishers/devs are missing out on that profit for THEIR product. A product that be less than 3 months old. Fair enough trading in 6 or 12 months later, but a month or less, it sucks a lot.

        EB's pricing and offerings for trade ins is almost as bad as ticket scalping. It should be stopped or fixed!

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