Will The Next Zelda Game Change Based On Your Pulse?

Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto may be toying with new ways to shake up The Legend of Zelda, adding more than just Wii MotionPlus support for the next adventure of Link. Is he also considering Wii Vitality Sensor-based gameplay?

While Miyamoto didn't confirm whether the next Wii Zelda game would feature pulse-pounding, biometrics-based additions, he told Games TM that its "fun to think of ways in which we might apply that new technology to existing forms of gameplay – just like the way we are working on the new Legend Of Zelda together with Wii Motion Plus."

"So maybe you might like to ask me to incorporate the Vitality Sensor into Zelda so that as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher," Miyamoto offered.

Nintendo hasn't shown any games based on the new pulse oximeter sensor attachment for the Wii, but Nintendo of America president promises that the device will "wow" us. Adding Wii Vitality Sensor support to a more mainstream title like The Legend of Zelda would definitely elicit some wows, especially if that means dropping Nunchuk control in favour of Vitality Sensor support.

Of course, that's all conjecture, as Miyamoto may have been simply riffing with the Games TM guys about what he'd like to experiment with. We'll know more after this year's E3, when Nintendo plans to showcase both the Wii Vitality Sensor and The Legend of Zelda, perhaps at the very same time.

Miyamoto: 'Vitality Sensor For New Zelda Possible' [NowGamer]


    I'm a totally healthy person, but my heartbeat has been found to be higher than most people, by a small amount.
    I wonder if that'd screw up me playing any games with the Sensor...?

      im sure it would have some sort of calibration, so its programed to your personal pulse under certian circumstances?

        I hope they do, cause I'm in the same boat as Naytan, except my heart rate is a LOT higher than average =\ (Not due to weight or fitness)

    I sincerely hope not.

    bah....i already have to go buy a motion plus accessory that i don't want for anything else in order to play the new Zelda. Is this just Nintendos way of maximizing profit from an established franchise which is known to sell well? hmmmmmmm

    they should build the vitality sensor into the controllers so as your fingers touch the buttons they pick up pulse n stuff

    loosing the nun-chuck isn't that bad thou.. its not really needed esp with motion+ +wiimote

    LOL. I can't remember the time i got scared during a game, let alone a zelda game.
    Nice try Miyamoto. Just admit it. The Zelda series needs to be retired, or at least go on a long holiday.

    “So maybe you might like to ask me to incorporate the Vitality Sensor into Zelda so that as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher,”

    I had my doubts, but this sounds like a really nice use for the Vitality Sensor. Could be fun :)

    Finally the stoner-gamers may gain advantage. Stupid loadies.

    "Woah man, that Stalfos, like, TOTALLY wants to kill me dude.."

    Strictly speaking you wouldn't have to forfeit the Nunchuk attachment; the sensor could be worn on a non-index finger. Provided that Nintendo provide a way to have both devices connected simultaneously.

    However, it would likely not be possible to integrate the sensor into the already existing buttons (as Heath K suggested0. Besides the heartbeat sensor requiring components which surround the finger (top and bottom, not just underneath), it would require re-producing the controller itself.

    Whenever I see a story about the vitality sensor I grow sad.
    I have an irregular regular heart beat which means my heart beats irregulary regularly....
    So while most people's hearts go:
    Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum.
    Mine goes:
    Ba dum, ba dumdumdumdum, ba dum, ba dumdumdumdum.
    Which will no doubt scrwe with the sensor much like it has screwed with many people trying to take my pulse.

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