WIN! EA Sports Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

EA Sports and Gillette have teamed up to launch the Gillette Fusion Gamer range of razors. Because, as any pro gamer will tell you, nothing offers a vital framerate boost like a smooth chin. And, oh yes, we've got some prize packs to give away in celebration.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Get in the game with the new Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, designed to provide total comfort with less skin irritation, even against the grain. The latest addition to the Fusion family features a 5 blade suspension system that adjusts to the contours of your face for total comfort. Style-seekers will be impressed by the cool, fresh look that exudes a premium, hi-tech feel.

If you fancy a challenge and want to improve your game then get involved in the Gillette EA SPORTS Champion Gamer on Xbox360, starting on March 15. Register at to find out the details and how to win. The more time you play the more chances you have to win some cools prizes.

To celebrate the launch of the promotion, Gillette is offering Kotaku readers the chance to win the new FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods 10 games as well as the brand new Fusion Gamer razor, Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Pure & Sensitive, and Shave Care range.

We have FOUR Gillette Fusion Gamer/EA Sports prize packs up for grabs. That's them right there, above.

To win, you have to come up with a marketing slogan for the Gillette Fusion Gamer range. Your slogan should convey the full "gamer-ness" of the Gillette Fusion razor while also echoing the type of bullet point hype you'd read on the back of an EA Sports game box.

Leave your slogan in the comments below before midday tomorrow to be in the running to win. No multiple entries, thanks! We'll open a new draw - and reveal today's winner - tomorrow afternoon.

NOTE: For anyone who entered the similar giveaway last week, I'll be picking one additional winner from those entries later this afternoon.

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    Do the ones from last week count?

      Gillette Gamer - It's never over !

    Hardcore gamers don't use MACH's

    Also, came across this.

    Gillette Gamer Fusion - because Tiger Woods uses it... and look how many women it got him!

    • Gillette Fusion Gamer is as fine as the thin piece in Tetris you always need

    Achievement Unlocked - Closest shave ever

    • Gillette Fusion Gamer, ensuring its only your foe's head that bleeds!

    Gillette Fusion Game: no need for extra lives

    Gillete razors: delivering the most accurate shave with the highest definition.

    Gamelette Gillette The best a man can play!

    The latest marketing ploy from Gilette, now appealing to two demographics!
    * 5 blades makes it even edgier!
    * Sponsored by sportsmen and now aimed at video gamers, for more money!
    * Two razor handles but no spare blades so you pay us money sooner!
    * Now battery powered to increase the similarities to a video game conrtoller!

    I do want the prize, but the EA sports games seem to jam numbers everywhere and i can't resist a good send up
    [email protected]

    • Gillette Fusion Gamer - Cut yourself up with precision, to take a day off work and keep gaming!

    Gamers Shave?

    This is stupid, I refuse to buy into a product just because they write "gamer" on it, and I like to play video games.

    That putt left dangling agonisingly on the edge of the cup? That 40 metre thunderbolt that grazes your keeper's your crossbar? Not even close! Gillette Fusion Gamer: redefining the close shave.

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: When you're on the verge of a vital win, 5 blades can give you that extra cutting edge to take your performance to the next level of smooth.

    Real gamers shave inverted

    Whoa slow down. Games are only for kids, we don't shave!

    Gillette Gamer Fusion: Why didn’t we reach you gamers sooner?

    Gillette Fusion Gamer-Shaving seconds off your times!

    Gillette Gamer Fusion: Requires Wii MotionPlus for best results.

    For when your girlfriend forces you to get up from the couch and shave that extreme holiday beard - choose Gillette (True story)

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: New levels of control, innovation and a solid 60 FPS experience.

    Gillette Gamer Fusion; The only Razor able to shave a drunken dwarves beard while they sleep off a big night.

    Gillette Gamer: Jaggies are a thing of the past

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