WIN! EA Sports Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

EA Sports and Gillette have teamed up to launch the Gillette Fusion Gamer range of razors. Because, as any pro gamer will tell you, nothing offers a vital framerate boost like a smooth chin. And, oh yes, we've got some prize packs to give away in celebration.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Get in the game with the new Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, designed to provide total comfort with less skin irritation, even against the grain. The latest addition to the Fusion family features a 5 blade suspension system that adjusts to the contours of your face for total comfort. Style-seekers will be impressed by the cool, fresh look that exudes a premium, hi-tech feel.

If you fancy a challenge and want to improve your game then get involved in the Gillette EA SPORTS Champion Gamer on Xbox360, starting on March 15. Register at to find out the details and how to win. The more time you play the more chances you have to win some cools prizes.

To celebrate the launch of the promotion, Gillette is offering Kotaku readers the chance to win the new FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods 10 games as well as the brand new Fusion Gamer razor, Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Pure & Sensitive, and Shave Care range.

We have FOUR Gillette Fusion Gamer/EA Sports prize packs up for grabs. That's them right there, above.

To win, you have to come up with a marketing slogan for the Gillette Fusion Gamer range. Your slogan should convey the full "gamer-ness" of the Gillette Fusion razor while also echoing the type of bullet point hype you'd read on the back of an EA Sports game box.

Leave your slogan in the comments below before midday tomorrow to be in the running to win. No multiple entries, thanks! We'll open a new draw - and reveal today's winner - tomorrow afternoon.

And now onto the two winners so far...

Tuesday's winner is Brendan and his slogan "Jaggies are a thing of the past."

And last week's winner is Robbie Inglis and his high-five in support of an R18+ rating.

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    Gillette Fusion Gamer: It's Super Effective!!!

    Gillette Fusion Gamer - Stay out of the rough. (Tiger woods)
    Gillette Fusion Gamer - Roster expanded to 5 blades

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: I Game I Shave

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: When things get hairy

    Gillete Fusion Gamer - Now you can play Heavy Rain in the real world!

    Gillete: batteries for peripheral not included

    Gillette Fusion Gamer Power Razor - Now with rumble support.

    Gillette Fusion Gamer - If its in the shave its in the blade

      Winner winner chicken dinner, thats hillarious!

      Note: i aint a judge :(

      but lol :D

    Be smooth in and out of the game

    I think Gillette Fusion Gamer is a pretty cool, eh shaves stubble and doesnt afraid of anything!

    Gillette Fusion Shaving: A game women won't touch ;)

      ...i don't get it...

        i do

        and well that can go in many many wrong ways and nsfw ways as well....

    Gillette Fusion Gamer - share the spirit of shaving, faster and cleaner!

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: Because at the end of the day, +10 hygiene is always the smarter choice.

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: It's In The Shave

    Gillette Fusion Gamer Power Razor: the spirit of shaving faster and cleaner.

    Gilette Fusion Gaming: Perfect for the gaming appearance touch!

    Gilette Fusion Gaming: Wii Remote not included.

    Gilette Fusion Gamer - Cutting down the competition

    With Gilette Fusion Gamer you're always a game ahead!

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: All your face are belong to us!

    It's time to shave and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum.

    Gillette, the best a fanboy can get...

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: To the left, To the right He shaves!He scores!

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: Its in the Blade (read like the EA Sports slogan)

    Gillette Fusion Gamer: no need for god mode

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