WIN! Final Fantasy XIII 360/PS3 Prize Packs

Final Fantasy XIII is out now and we've got some prize packs to give away. Also, let's take a look at some more of your postcard submissions.

The long-awaited Square Enix RPG released in Australia today. Thanks to Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we have three FFXIII prize packs up for grabs. They are:

1st Prize * The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * The Official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (pictured, thanks to Bluemouth Interactive) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Plus, two runners-up will each receive: * A standard edition Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

How do you win?

Easy. We want you to send us a postcard from Cocoon, the world in which Final Fantasy XIII takes place. The wittiest/cleverest/funniest postcard we receive will take the major prize; the next best will score the runners-up packs.

You've got until Sunday March 14 to get your entry in. No multiple entries are allowed. We'll be posting some of your entries as they arrive over the next week and a bit. Let's take a look at some more of them now.

Do you think you can beat these guys?

Good luck!

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    Oh poo.

    I sent my entry in several days ago, and it's not posted here yet, but looks like someone else had a similar idea to mine :(

    I hope that doesn't work against either of us.

      Thats my fear. While I was doing my entry, I was hoping no-one had the same idea too.

    LOL, the last one is mine xD!

    Damnit! Was so gonna run a 1980s Coccoon gag! :(

    Darn, I also sent mine in a few days ago, and it's not here.

    I wonder if anyone else has drawn their postcards from scratch, besides me? I recall seeing only one from the last post, and there are none here.

    Mine isn't posted here either...are these just random picks? I'm sure you could of just posted all the ones you got, right?

      They're just random picks. I'll be posting more throughout the week.

        cool, thanks for the reply David.

    If he posted all he received the page would probably be huge and would need to take 5 years to download on a ADSL2+ connection :P It's probably not feasible.

    Wow, mine really sucks compared to these.


    Just curious, do I just send my entry through email as an attachment and say "hi, this is my entry as an attachment" or something? I'm not entirely sure...hahaha

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