WIN! Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

Those who play EA Sports games may have noticed every once in a while, there's a little section where they get to compete in a Gillette competition for prizes. They're kicking off another round to celebrate the launch of their Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, and you can register for the normal comp in-game. But Kotaku readers are being given a chance to win an extra prize pack.

And here it is!

If you can't quite see, that's FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods 10 amongst the wicked shaving business:

So how do you win?

Since the quality of razors these days is proportionate to their number of blades, my razor with only four blades has attracted countless neckbeard jokes, as even after a shave I still look like this guy:

We're interested to hear, in gaming terms, why five is better than four. The real life answer is evident from picture to the right, but think gaming.

For example, three is better than two because the triple-jump in Mario 64 gave you a wicked flip and a "Wahoooo". Two is better than one because no one can beat Smash TV without a friend (can they?).

Entries will be judged on how much funnier they are than my lame attempts above. Leave your entries in the comments below - we'll be posting this daily until next Wednesday when the comp will close. Good luck!

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    It takes four seconds four Chuck Norris to kill an enemy. If it took five then they would be able to experience and savour the roundhouse kick to the face before dying.

    Most amps go up to 4 but this one goes to 5. It's not 4. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at 4. You're on 5 here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on 4 on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?

    Most games go up to 4 but this one goes to 5. It’s not 4. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at 4. You’re on 5 here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you’re on 4 on your old NES console. Where can you go from there? Where?

      I was going to comment that double post is better than single but I have since worked out that you actually changed 2 words.


      Same joke twice is better than once because if it was crap the first time is sure as hell will be a winner the second time... 2 seconds later

    5 is better than 4 because it would allow for L5D to have the only characters people want to play as: Francis, Nick, Bill, Ellis and Zoey.

    if someone said to you "you can have 4 1up mushrooms of 5", which would you take? It's obvious.

    if your swinging wildly in tekken, would you prefer to land 4 hits in a row, or 5? It's pretty obvious.

    if your protoss having trouble with pesky zergs, would you preffer 4 pylons or 5? It's blatantly bloody obvious.

    If some punk is calling you a n00b, would you prefer to hunt him down and frag him 4 times in a row, or 5? It's so obvious it's growing out of your face

    When your playing as Australia against england, would you prefer to win by 4 runs or 5? If it were any more obvious it'd be growing out of your face and simultaneously kicking you in the groin.

    No matter what genre you play, no matter who you play with, remember only one thing. 4 is good, but 5... 5 is always better.

    5 is better than 4 because genetics gave us 5 fingers to use for a controller whereas 4 would only lead to the situations below;

    PS3: Without thumbs, I wouldn’t be able to leave Ethan’s house at the start in Heavy Rain. Instead, my gaming experience would consist entirely of watching Ethan’s bare ass due to my inability to shower him and open his closet correctly.

    Xbox360: Without my middle finger, I wouldn’t be able to express myself when fighting online in Street Fighter IV. PM’s are great and all but it’s that sudden onset of frustration which can only be relieved by a (down)(up)+finger that makes the muscles in my middle digit have priority over any other attack.

    Wii: Heck, even without any of my fingers, I’d still be able to use a Wii controller. All I’d need to do is duct tape the remote to my arm and wave it around like a spastic and I could play anything from Wii Tennis to Mario Kart. That’s probably why it’s called the Wii.

    Because any wii-tard can use it...

    5 is better then 4 because at the moment we have 4 ratings categories for games (G, PG, M, MA15+) but with a 5th rating, R18+, the gaming world would be so much better!

    5 is better than 4 because without that extra ATB gauge I wouldn't stand a change against those f***ing rust puddings.

    5 people are needed for guitar hero,
    So the thirst level stays around zero.
    Just call for the drinks,
    With a few subtle winks.
    Then rock all night like a bandido.


    5 blades.... TEAM DOWN!

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