WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 And Ryo Figurine

Sonic and friends – Tails, Billy Hatcher, Ai Ai, Ulala, Beat from Jet Set Radio, that guy from Samba De Amigo and more – launch their own kart racing game this week. Would you like to win a copy on PlayStation 3 along with a Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue figurine?

UPDATE: Wednesday’s draw is now closed.

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing up for grabs this week. That’s three on PlayStation 3 and three on Xbox 360. Plus, all six winners will also get this limited edition Ryo on a forklift figurine.

Yes, believe it or not, Ryo and his forklift are in the game.

To enter, we want you to mine your knowledge of Sega characters and tell us who would win a kart race between: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter and Ryo Hazuki.

Leave your entry in the comments by midnight tonight (EDT) to be in the running to win the second copy on PS3. Don’t forget to explain the reason behind your choice. The cleverest/funniest entry will win.

As usual, multiple entries are not allowed. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning when the new draw opens. If you miss out, you can re-enter tomorrow with a brand new entry.

Oh, and the winner of Tuesday’s 360 draw is Neil Williams and his increasingly ridiculous coming of age story.

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