WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 And Ryo Figurine

Sonic and friends - Tails, Billy Hatcher, Ai Ai, Ulala, Beat from Jet Set Radio, that guy from Samba De Amigo and more - launch their own kart racing game this week. Would you like to win a copy on PS3 along with a Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue figurine?

UPDATE: Monday's draw is now closed.

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing up for grabs this week. That's three on PlayStation 3 and three on Xbox 360. Plus, all six winners will also get this limited edition Ryo on a forklift figurine.

Yes, believe it or not, Ryo and his forklift are in the game.

To enter, we want you to mine your knowledge of Sega characters and tell us who would win a kart race between: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter and Ryo Hazuki.

Leave your entry in the comments by midnight tonight (EDT) to be in the running to win the first copy on PS3. Don't forget to explain the reason behind your choice. The cleverest/funniest entry will win.

As usual, multiple entries are not allowed. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning when the new draw opens. If you miss out, you can re-enter tomorrow with a brand new entry.

Good luck!

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    Sonic would win by abandoning the kart and taking the race on foot. Using his burning ambition to once again be in great games and his high hopes for Sonic 4, he would never slow down until he reaches the finish.

    It would be a very very interesting race.

    Sonic is the obvious choice because he is known for his speed. However, as this is a kart race, he would either need a fast kart to beat the others, a light kart so he could push it along (although in Sonic games back on the Mega Drive he was very slow at pushing things along) or not have a kart at all (which I'm pretty sure would be in breach of the rules).

    Dr Eggman (or Robotnik) would be leading the competition for the majority of the race. He would build a kart that runs on the power of Chaos Emeralds, and if anyone remembers an old sonic adventure book, he would suck the colour out of the world. It would be an amazingly built kart, as it would have to transport his huge belly in an aerodynamic fashion. However, in traditional Dr Eggman style, he would falter during the last lap.

    Ulala from Space Channel 5 would simply be distracted by her eagerness to be on the news, and report on the race. She may use her guns to make the race more interesting however, by blasting tyres to make the race more appealing, and give her more viewers. Once she causes enough accidents, her pink aura will cause her to race around the track at lightening speeds (although whether this is enough to catch up on the other racers is unknown)

    Alex Kidd will win the match of Janken to decide who has pole position. Using his vast amounts of funds, he will purchase the motorcycle from the shop, in memory of his days from Miracle World. Unlike the infamous jungle level, however, Alex Kidd will make it to the finish line, and undoubtedly win due to his experience in the racing industry. Upon his trophy presentation on the podium, instead of a national anthem, the famous code: Sun Wave Moon Star Sun Moon Wave Fish Star Fish will be recited.

    Akira will be way out of his depth in a karting race. He is much more used to hand to hand combat, using his agility. When he is restricted in his movements inside a vehicle, he is unable to play to his strengths. He will be so confused about not being able to jump around and defeat the opposition, that he will simply try and race beside an opponent and punch them out of the car, to no avail.

    Ryo Hazuki will race in his forklift. Although it may seem the slowest vehicle, the tyres are thicker than most others, and as such are resistant to Ulala's guns. He will qualify last, but as the forklift is longer than the other vehicles, he is able to pick up Akira's vehicle (who qualified third to last) and carry him, before the race even begins. The pace of the forklift, however, will prove to be too little, and Ryo will end the race in third to last, after reversing over the finishing line, with Akira to be second to last.

    Final placings:

    1: Alex Kidd
    2: Ulala
    3: Sonic (If he is silver, though, he will bounce all over the place and may finish first)
    4: Ryo Hazuki
    5: Akira
    6: Dr Eggman (Robotnik)

    Alex Kidd would win, he has been mastering his vehicular skills before most of the others were thoughts in developers minds.

    Ulala for sure. She would lead a conga line at the front for the entire race, while the rest dance and say chu chu chu.

    Alex Kidd would win because he's built into the track just as he was on the Master System and the Master System II. How can you loose the race if you are already at the beginning and end of the race?

      Good theory, except he wasn't built into the Master System I - that system had Hang On and the crazy snail maze game!

        Hey Adam,

        that actually isn't correct. Alex Kidd wasn't built into the first release of the Master System, but it was built into subsequent releases (similar to how the first PS3 had PS2 game support but all other iterations of the PS3 haven't).


        And since we can't always trust wikipedia here's another source:
        Specifically this quote:
        "I grew up, playing the Sega Master System all day. And one day - it got broke :( So I got a new one with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in."

    Alex Kidd would win, I have predicted the outcome of the race and it goes as follows:

    Sonic would not win because he will be bitter that he has to rely on a motor vehicle instead of his own speed. Due to this reliance on technology and hatred towards himself he will drive his car into a ravine and end his pathetic existence.

    Dr Eggman would not win because the only thing he knows how to do is steal chaos emeralds, leaving them randomly lying around special stages for any old hedgehog to find, build robots with gaping obvious faults for people to exploit, and kidnap defenseless little animals. Is that the makings of a race winner? I think not, he is too busy with his own hobbies.

    Ulala would not win because I had to read the wikipedia entry for Space Channel 5 and now I am more confused and infuriated than ever, so in the world where I control who wins and loses races she automatically loses because she appears to be in some sort of dancing shooting reporting game thing and I do not like it one bit!

    Akira would not win because he would hop into his car and automatically beat the crap out of it until it was no longer road worthy. After years of fighting it's the only world he knows and you cannot simply copy and paste him into a different genre.

    Ryo Hazuki would not win because after seeing his name misspelled in this "WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 And Ryu Figurine" competition title he would curl up into a little ball and start crying, having no time for racing, let alone in a forklift. Now I'm no forklift scientist but I don't think they are known for their raging speeds.

    Therefore by the process of elimination, Alex Kidd, a man who not ravaged by years of declining sequels and modern day remakes, a man whose sideburns out rival my own, a man who at least rode a fast vehicle in his original game (hello motorbike) and could apply his experience to the racing genre, would win by default.

    Ryo Hazuki would win because Robotnik/Eggman would be distracted and constantly attacking Sonic and Alex Kidd would Assist in revenge for Losing the Ability to Become Sega's Mascot. Ulala would feel that it is her duty to report on the Ensuing Chaos and forget about the Race, while Akira get Switched with his Cartoon Counterpart and so Jacky never gets to Finish the Race because of his attempts at being Funny and wanting to go get Food

    And the results would be

    1st Place

    Alex Kidd - In an effort to impress Sega Management and prove to everyone including Sonic that he is the true mascot of Sega. The determination of Alex leads him to excel in the race, he takes the first to prove why he should star in a brand new Alex Kidd game.

    Second Place

    Ulala - All she has to do is shake her thing to the rhythm and she could potentially be the wildcard in this race. A close second, so long as there is no alien invasion to speak off during the race

    Third Place

    Akira - Akira, out to prove something after being shunned by his creator Yu Suzuki for the once upon a time Virtua Fighter RPG which would become Shenmue...Akira still holds his grudge and yearning to show his worth as to why he should headline a game, he proceeds to excel to be the best, but ultimately comes in third once again proving that he isn't a game headliner.

    and the rest of the field

    Sonic - If he had the power of the gems he could easily win the race but this in turn is a problem due to another contestant on the track which we will get to next

    Dr Eggman - Eggman is good at one thing, stealing those Emeralds. So as soon as Sonic pulls out all the stops with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, it would be instantly taken away from him by Eggman, Unless Sonic could manage to get in 7 hits on Eggman's craft. So with Sonic and Eggman battling away over the Emeralds it takes them out of the race

    and rounding up the pack we have Ryo Hazuki...he was too busy asking for sailors. That and demanding for a third game to be made to satisfy us fans dying for a resolvement to that cliffhanger.

    Dr. Eggman, because he has the most experience in running away. Let's face it, the rest of the racers would be too distracted to win - Sonic would be off smooching Princess Elise, Ulala would get stuck in a dance routine in the middle of the race, Ryo would abandon the race to go looking for sailors, Akira's always been slow and Alex Kidd would inevitably crash his bike in order to find hamburgers.

    Eggman. He would just blast everyone away and win by default

    Sonic wins the race, with Doctor Eggman persuing him which wins him the second place.

    Being the limelight whore that he is, Sonic thinks that winning will give him more exposure and satisfy his flimsy ego. Little does he realise, that even by participating, he has really lost. He takes every outing seriously, even if it is just a day at the track with his mascot friends. His agent wouldn't even let him participate unless he got top billing. And it's Sonic's over-eagerness to impress (using somewhat flashy gimmicks) that turns alot of people away.

    Ulala finishes third. Despite living in space and never having driven a motor vehicle in her entire life, her figure proves to be a great distraction for the other drivers.

    Fourth place is filled by Alex the Kidd. Being in an open top go kart, he was afraid to hit top gear incase the wind messed up his MASSIVE (and massively cool) mutton chops ( Unlike Sonic, Alex has an image and legacy worth protecting.

    Akira comes 5th. After years of martial arts training and meditation, he is convinced that his body works as one harmonious machine. He decides that the machine that is his body will surely out perform all of the vehicles that people are using, and decides to run the race on foot.
    He was very very wrong...

    And bringing up the rear is Ryo in his forklift. Seriously! What was he thinking...?

      I love that line "Unlike Sonic, Alex has an image and legacy worth protecting"

      Although his Mega Drive games never came close to the original.

    Ryo would win hands down, he has been sitting in a cave for the last 7 years (come March 21, seeing as tho the release date for Shenmue 2 on Xbox was March 21st 2003) He has had nothing to do but pretend to drive a forklift and motorcycle make broom broom sounds with his mouth, surely picking up some real life skills.

    That and he is still wearing the same clothes he did 7 years ago, none of the other racers would come near him coz of the smell.

      thats a good 1

    Sonic would win easily, as he would just knock the floor out of the kart and go Fred Flintstone on everyones arses.

    None of them. Mario won it years ago.

    Eggman, because Sonic is supposedly the fastest little critter out there, and yet Eggman always manages to stay JUST out of reach during those chase sequences in the original Sonic games...

    Ryo would win the race hands down due to all the games of outrun he played in the arcades in Shenmue.

    Sonic would be the obvious winner. He is fast on foot so why would being in a kart be any different :P. Dr. Eggman is just too fat and puts too much weight on the car so no way he can win, As for the others, they jsut can't beat sonic.

    Ryo definetely.Now that hes back alive, hell race on that bike as hard as he can to get revenge on Lan Di.He is spewing Nozomi isnt with him though.

    SONIC! In racing games it all comes down to experience. And how many games has Sonic been in? 20+ starring roles, with another on the way this year. And that's not including his battles with the little plumber, olympic styles. That's a lot more gametime than any of the other characters. And although Alex Kidd may have weilded a mean bike back in the day, he retired long ago. Leaving Sonic to race through sequel after sequel (after sequel.. after sequel..) building his experience and skill with each iteration. So the little blue hedgehog wins hands down!

    Ulala would win. Busting out to some awesome tunes she calls forth none other then SPACE MICHAEL!!! (Michael Jackson to those not in the know). She sits upon his shoulders as he Moonwalk's at rocket fast speeds past the other racers while singing "Billy Jean" all the way to 1st place and past the finish line.

    Looks like the winner is Mario Kart Wii.

    Isn't it obvious? Whilst Dr. Eggman would most likely get distracted and try to kill Sonic, aided by Billy Hatcher's amazing Egg rolling skills, he would fly to the finish.

    Or, you know, the fact that Ulala comes from a universe with technology far surpassing that of our own (or that of many other SEGA games, e.g. Shnenmue or Virtua Fighter)means that she likely has some space-ship like vehicle which moves at the speed of light (Sonic's 'speed of sound' has nothing on this) and, of course, is operated entirely through...interpretative dance!

    Sonic would win, he can just get off his cart and easily run all the way to the finish line, as he passes by each racer he says "you're too slow!" and speeds off. Another scenario is, he turns into Super Sonic and just pawns every single car in his way.

    Ryo would win easily. His entourage consisting of Goro, Tom, and an army of prattish sailors would scare the living poop out of anyone, guaranteed. The race would essentially be a farce because of the FEAR. So there.

    The Samba de amigo monkey will win #1 and following very closely would be Sonic.

    Reason? simple.

    Sonic is fast. Real fast. His love for animals is even greater than his speed.

    Samba de amigo monkey is an animal, not just animal, hes a monkey. Monkeys are fast and agile so he can be the only one to run from Sonic and when Sonic is chasing his behind, that monkey HAS to win.

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