WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 And Ryo Figurine

WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 And Ryo Figurine

Sonic and friends – Tails, Billy Hatcher, Ai Ai, Ulala, Beat from Jet Set Radio, that guy from Samba De Amigo and more – launch their own kart racing game today. Would you like to win a copy on Xbox 360 along with a Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue figurine?

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing up for grabs this week. That’s three on PlayStation 3 and three on Xbox 360. Plus, all six winners will also get this limited edition Ryo on a forklift figurine.

Yes, believe it or not, Ryo and his forklift are in the game.

To enter, we want you to mine your knowledge of Sega characters and tell us who would win a kart race between: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter, Ryo Hazuki and, because he’s a bonus character in the 360 version, we’ll add Banjo to the list as well.

Leave your entry in the comments by midnight tonight (EDT) to be in the running to win the second copy on Xbox 360. Don’t forget to explain the reason behind your choice. The cleverest/funniest entry will win.

As usual, multiple entries are not allowed. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning when the new draw opens. If you miss out, you can re-enter tomorrow with a brand new entry.

Oh, and the winner of Wednesday’s PS3 draw is JoeMDesign and his lyrical verse.

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  • “And now here they are! The most famous group of Sega drivers to ever spin their spokes in the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Races. Competing for the title of worlds greatest Mega-Driver. The cars are approaching the starting line. First, is the Blue Racer driven by Sonic. Next is Alex Kidd on the Miracle World bike loaded with exploding witches-hats. Maneuvering for position is Ryo Hazuki on his Virtua-bike. Right behind is Ryo Hazuki in his off-road fork lift. Then there’s ingenious Billy Hatcher in his Giant Egg. Oh! Here’s the lovely Ulala, the glamour gal of Space Channel 5. Next we have a Marble with AiAi riding inside. Hovering along is the ChuChus with puzzling projectiles to hamper their opponents, and right on their tail is none other than our foxy friend ‘Tails’. And there’s the Banjo-Kazooie Off-Roader with the Bear & Bird combo in tow! Sneaking along last is that Egg Machine with the double dealing do-badder Dr Eggman with an All-Star Move sure to leave egg on everybody’s chin.”

    Who will win, who will lose… if its in my Xbox 360 every character will, at least once. But more importantly, ME! I will win, thanks to this competition.

  • Thank you SO much for the figurine! I’ve waited over 10 years for one of these! You guys absolutely RULE! Good luck to everyone else. 🙂

  • Congrats to JoeMDesign… it was never going to get beaten! (though, wish it had! 🙁 )

    David, reading over the post again… “If you miss out, you can re-enter tomorrow with a brand new entry.”

    Are you sticking to that? Recycling our (obviously own) entries will never win?

  • IN MY RACe sonic the heghog comes upto the racxe line and sayu to eveyone “I AM SONIC THE FASTEST RACER IN THIS RACEGAME” and evetyone else says “NO WAY SONIC U THINK UR THE FASTEST BUT I WE HAVE CARS THAT CAN GO AT SUPER SPEED” and everyone is in the race and has a fair and equal chance because but sonic doesn’t need a car or anything like that becuse he just uses his SUPER SPEED to run laps around all around his opponesnet trhen her wins the race and they all are happy but NO ONE IS HAPPY because he is too fast for them and then SONIC GETS THE GIRL (i do not know the name of the girl sorry i dont play sonic games) BUT YEAAAHHH!!

    AS U GUYs can peorobably tell sonic is my FAVVEERITE rtacer so he will always win the race IN MY RACCEEE. THNKS FOR THE COMPETITORN GUYS LOOKG FORWARD TO WINNNIINNNGGG (just like sonic always wins I WILL WIN).

  • I am using the power of anagrams to analyse this race. Anagrams provide compelling insights into one’s character. Don’t be sceptical, my own name is proof of that: I, Anne (alternatively, Annie) = inane. That’s totally, like, totally deep and meaningful.

    Sonic = no sic
    No sic doesn’t just refer to Sonic’s total immunity to motion sickness, food poisioning and general gross outs but also his immunity to attacking items. No sic means that other characters are able to “sic” their boxing gloves etc on Sonic. Every racer knows the frustration of leading the entire race to be pipped at the post by an untimely attack. Not Sonic, and thus he is the unbeatable winner.

    Dr Eggman = dragg men
    Dragg men refers to Dr Eggman’s secret membership in the club of drag racing transvestites: the Dragg Men. While his penchant for singing on top of moving buses provides no advantage in kart racing, his drag racing skills do. Fast to accelerate and unbeatable in the straights, he only comes unstuck on the turns. His life choices often bewilder red-blooded males and the resultant split-second pause in their decision-making works to his advantage. Third place.

    Ulala = all au
    All au concerns Ulala’s previously little-known secret that she was Australian born. However, once she entered the kart racing scene, the Australian press was quick to seize on this knowledge and exploit it. “Our Ulala” quickly became the darling of ACA, Today and Women’s Weekly. Unfortunately the intense media scrutiny upon the former reporter quickly caused her to crumble. After finishing poorly in one race, she broke into tears, blaming her manager, support crew, family and Michael Jackson. Now shunned by media and public, Ulala is a shadow of her former shelf. Finishes last.

    Alex Kidd = lax ed kid
    Lax ed kid describes Alex Kidd’s poor education as a child. An orphan, he had no parents to look after his schooling, so he choose to develop his fists rather than his brain. While he has a surprisingly gentle touch on the wheel, he lacks the cunning to be a true competitor. Fourth place.

    Akira = a ‘raki
    A ‘raki (as in Iraqi) reveals Akira’s nature as a terrorist. One of those competitors with no interest in actually winning the race, Akira spends all his efforts towards grabbing items and using them against others. His skills in sabotaging racers are so refined, he can induce rage-quits by his mere presence in the field. Fifth place.

    Ryo Hazuki = ha! u r KO, yiz!
    The words, “ha! u r KO, yiz!” (errm, yes!) are Ryo’s moto in racing. With the brute force of his forklift, he doesn’t just pass his competitors; he takes them out. Many a time he has left Ulala a weeping heap on the sidelines. Intimating and a force to be reckoned with, weak-willed competitors quake at the knees as he roars past. Unable to beat Sonic’s item immunity however, he has to settle for second place.

    Banjo = no jab
    No jab refers to Banjo’s parents’ policy of refusing immunisations for their child. While Banjo had gotten through life with little ill-effect from this policy, in the week leading up to the race his binge in the brothels of Thailand brought me unstuck. Coming out of the experience with German measles, hepatitis B and swine flu, Banjo was unable even to stagger to the start line before a horde of men in haz-mat suits dragged him away. DNS

    The results:
    1) Sonic
    2) Ryo
    3) Dr Eggman
    4) Alex Kidd
    5) Akira
    6) Ulala
    DNS – Banjo

  • Silly Kotaku, why would you even ask that question.

    How can you possibly doubt the lean-mean speed machine that is Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Come on, seriously?

  • You need to look at who has kart racing experience

    Sonic had those Sonic Drift racing games which Eggman also participated in, and Banjo had his appearance in Diddy Kong Racing so really they are the only true contenders having already participated in the genre.

    Assuming they were all driving cars of equal performance and weight (let’s say 2000 kilograms) you then have to look at the characters themselves.

    The average adult hedgehog weighs around 400grams and can live up to 9 years

    The average adult bear weighs around 500 kilograms but can live to around 30 years

    The average human weighs around 80 kilograms with an average age of 67.2, but for the sake of Eggman being a fatass we’ll put him at 100 kilograms.

    When sitting upright in a car seat, a bears legs would be too short and would not bend down far enough to reach the pedals, similarly the hedgehog has short and stubby legs so would have no hope of reaching them.

    So in conclusion, the human Eggman will win due to the human body being flexible enough to sit comfortably in a car and operate it efficiently, while the other 2 will just sit there wriggling about in their car seats powerless to do anything.

  • in my theory Alex Kidd would win, given the fact he has a motorbike, helicopter and a pogo stick which makes him the vehicular master of SEGA or their best equivalent of Master Chief, Kratos or Mario… if sonic drops out due to some Playstation interference.

    saving that only he knows Sim sam sum (paper scissors rock) and im pretty sure if he can beat the gorilla man the others have noooo chance 🙂


  • My dad manages a warehouse, and I can remember one afternoon around knock off time when he excitedly called me up to let me know that the new forklifts had arrived that day. I immediately dropped what I was doing and made my way out to his work, where within ten minutes we had figured out a course to follow and lined two of the beasts up side by side. Grinning, the old man called “Last to finish pays for pizza tonight. 3, 2, 1…Go!”

    With the wind on my face and a definite need for speed, all could be said to be going particularly well until the final hairpin turn. Papa Jawsy had a slight lead and my only chance was to make a desperate move with the finish line in sight. I barreled straight into the hairpin with the expert plan of cutting my father off and forcing him to take the outside line with a gentle forklift to forklift nudge, and couldn’t believe my luck when it seemed to work out perfectly. A few moments later I was wildly celebrating at the finish line.

    My father? Not so lucky. Caught off guard by my tactics he somehow managed to basically fall out of his seat when I slammed into him, and he had steered the forklift straight into a couple of pallets filled with stock ready to ship the next day. We never got that pizza, instead staying well into the night to repackage what had been destroyed of the original order.

    Moral of the story? Forklifts are deceptively quick and they pack one hell of a punch for when the racing gets dirty. As such, Ryo Hazuki would easily beat out all challengers.

  • Alright, so we have a look at the characters:
    Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter, Ryo Hazuki.
    Right, so this may be great but i mean OH MY GOD PEOPLE THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, WHO ARE THE PEOPLE PLAYING IT.

    So, hypothetically:
    We have
    Barack Obama is playing as Sonic (cause that market dropped SO FAST)
    Michael Jackson is playing as Ulala (cause lala or something singing idk)
    Chuck Norris playing as Akira (duh)
    A physics professor playing as Alex Kidd (i mean serious, we need someone smart in the mix)
    And Me playing as Ryo Hazuki, cause he fuckin owns.

    And obviously Ryo, played by me would win cause im the only one who knows how to play video games.

  • Ok, i think my last entry made a fair point… but the reason i lost is because i got something horribly wrong.

    Akira, while on copious amounts of steroids, did not in fact have a hormonal reaction towards Ulala. Not in the slightest. It was in fact Ryo he was reacting to.

    Thats right – Akira bats for the other team. He’s Gay. This explains his need to grapple with other burly men.

    That being said i believe that Akira would indeed win as i, as a broad minded Australian, believe in equal rights for everyone and that anyone different from me is more than likely better than me… or sonic… or eggman… or Alex Kidd.. Or Ulala… Or Banjo… Or Ryo…

    My spirit was broken by the entry by Lance… I really hope you win dude… i can’t beat it, but god damn it i’ll try to out poopie talk you!

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