WIN! Terrifying Metro 2033 Logitech Prize Packs

Want to carve up futuristic cities of horror using the best kit? THQ and Logitech are offering close to $4k worth of gaming gear to whoever can provide a pic of their best fear face.

Metro 2033 is a FPS horror game, and we’re looking for pics of the most horrified person. You don’t have to take the pic of yourself while you play it, but it might help. Dare you be so scared?

Dress-ups and photoshopping are allowed, and entries will be judged on creativity and hilarity. Try to give your pics a Metro theme, and if at all possible, use your acting skills to convey being scared by something Russian.

Jump over to the original post to see the full run-down of what you could win in the Metro 2033 Logitech "Pwnage" Packs.

You've still got until April 2 to get your entry in. Here's a few we've received so far, plucked entirely at random. Scared yet?


    So I heard you can use the flip horizontal tool :O

      Sweet entries though (:

    Just to confirm, are any details required with the entry? i.e address/name ect?
    Noticed the Resonance of Fate comp required them but couldnt find any instructions like it for this competition. Just wanted to make sure i was entering correctly.

      No worries. I've just started adding those requirements to make it easier to contact the winners.

        oh, I didn't think of putting in my details in my email, is that ok or should I send another email?

          Oh... I read this and thought that this was me posting... i got very confused.

          I get confused easily...

            And kind of ironically, I also forgot details :P

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