WIN! Tickets To EA Sports Easter Show Event

For those around the Sydney area, the Easter Show is almost here. EA Sports are hosting the biggest video game related event within the show ever, with its own mini-games, tournaments, and entertainment, from the 1st of April until the 14th. They're offering tickets to whoever can send in a pic of the coolest gaming Easter egg.

We'll leave the interpretation up to you - literal Easter eggs are okay, as well as hidden cheeky tidbits from the developers - but extra points will go to anyone who can prove they got the Easter egg themselves by fashioning some sort of in-game "K" into the pic.

Send over your gaming Easter eggs to us via email.

The event will also be the Australian qualifiers for the FIFA Interactive World Cup, for which the winner will be flown to Barcelona to compete against 31 other finalists for $20,000 USD. If you'd like you enter the IWC, head over to their website. April 9th and 10th will be for local heats, with the finals taking place on the 11th.

The new World Cup version of FIFA will also be on show. Good luck!


    Since when did junglist get a job at kotaku?

    If only I didn't completely suck at the last couple of FIFA games... Though will still be going to the Easter Show and check it out...

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