Wipeout: The Game Set To Disappoint Fans Of Futuristic Racing

There's a new Wipeout game coming to the Nintendo Wii and DS in a few months, but don't get too excited - it's not what you think.

For nearly 15 years, Sony fans have thrilled to the balls-out futuristic racing action of the Wipeout series, with each instalment bringing new challenges and more speed to the beloved hover car racing franchise.

This is not one of those games.

Instead, this is a game based off of ABC's Wipeout television show, which is a program about people with giant balls. No, really.

See? Giant balls.

Wipeout is a television show that features regular folks trying to get through a rough and tumble obstacle course. Hilarity often ensues. Futuristic racing in hover cars never ensues.

"Watching ABC's 'Wipeout' on TV is outrageous fun, and viewers can't help but dream of trying the obstacles themselves," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "We designed the video game with this in mind. Wipeout: The Game brings all of the challenge and laugh-out-loud hilarity without the pain."

I have never seen this show before. I watched a few clips on ABC's website earlier, and it does seem rather entertaining, but in a string of mini-games sort of way.

Maybe if they tried tying the people to tricked-out hovercrafts?

No, it just wouldn't be the same. Damn entertaining, sure, but not the same.


    So lame... un-surpirsing that it's headed to the Wii and DS though...

    “We designed the video game with this in mind. Wipeout: The Game brings all of the challenge and laugh-out-loud hilarity without the pain.”

    No offence meant to the broadcasters, but simply watching the show itself is a pain so I fail to see how they can remove it in a game.

    This show is terrible, and I can't see how you could possibly turn it into a videogame... :/

    I thought they already had this for the Wii... wasnt it called WiiFit or something?

    Now all we need is "It's a Knockout" for Wii and the circle will be complete. :)


    Well thats another one we can chuck on top of the pile of shovel ware.

    I thought this game was already out over here. It's called "the big ball challenge" in reference to the big balls in the show. No commentary or the hot chick that hosts it. Stupid idea. Great show. Shit game.

    Wipeout is honestly the second worst show ever (1st is hold in the wall).

    Love the show, but has there ever been a single not-incredibly-awful TV game show adaptation in gaming history?

    Lame show, will be a lame game.

    Takeshi's Castle was much better. Let's have a game of that!

      Takeshi's Castle? I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    They should do an MXC game. At least that might be funny. Any fun that comes from watching Wipeout is seeing clowns hurt themselves. I don't know how they will turn that into a game.

    Can't be any worse than Hells Kitchen: The Game, though.

    For the uninitiated, Wipeout is actually a pretty damn funny show. A Wii game would likely be a waggle fest. But if done with the humor and the spirit of the show - ie commentary - it might almost be a bargain basement purchase.

    "i thought this game was already out over here. It’s called “the big ball challenge”"

    you're right. i've seen it round . . but i understand it has a differernt name in britain with richard hammond hosting. Perhaps this is actually a different game.

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