Wonder What Keeps Ichiro Suzuki Up At Night

Wonder What Keeps Ichiro Suzuki Up At Night

Not only is Ichiro one of Japan’s greatest baseball players, he’s also one of the most talented big leaguers today. But he likes to unwind like the rest of us — by beating up virtual palookas.

In a recent interview, he explained his lack of sleep. the right field had spent the previous night playing his Nintendo Wii. “I’m playing Punch-Out!,” he told Nikkan Sports. “I played it until midnight last night.”

The Seattle Mariners is owned by Nintendo of America.

These days many athletes are big gamers, typically playing video game versions of their sports. Not Ichiro!

Ichiro uses Dragon Quest analogies in the past to explain a World Baseball Classic victory as well as a part of his recovery process when getting over an injury.

「やっぱりボクシング」(イチロー語録) [Nikkan Sports][Pic]


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