World Of Warcraft Battlegrounds Get Randomised

World of Warcraft patch 3.3.3 is now live, giving players an all-new, all-random way to queue up for the game's popular player-versus-player battlegrounds.

Much like the previously implemented Random Dungeon system, the Random Battleground system, live today in World of Warcraft, allows solo players and parties of up to five characters join a queue to be inserted in a randomly chosen battleground scenario. Players won't know what battleground they are participating in until they zone in, adding a little bit of variety of the game's end-game fare.

I say end-game fare, because the feature is currently available to level 80 characters or higher, which should be pretty much everyone at this point anyway.

The Random Battleground feature replaces Daily Battleground quests, with the new feature awarding players additional honour to spend on all that shiny equipment they so crave.

Head over to the World of Warcraft patch notes page for more information on the changes instituted in patch 3.3.3, or just log in and see for yourself.


    World of Warcraft's pvp system went down when they completly changed it from SUPER HARD to SUPER EASY.....

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