Would You Pay Women To Play Xbox Games With You?

A new service launches tomorrow, called GameCrush, where men can pay money to play over Xbox Live with an "attractive girl".

Yes, this is real. Xbox Live prostitution, if you will.

Interested, lonely men (or cashed up pranksters) can sign up to the site, and once there, choose from two options: play a simple Flash game (checkers, etc) against a "PlayDate", where you get face-to-face time with one of these "attractive girls" over a webcam, or join them for a bit of multiplayer over Xbox Live.

A single game of either will cost you $US8.25, with Xbox Live matches running for 10 minutes, and Flash games for 6.

Girls somehow interested in this should know there's money to be made, with 60 per cent of the proceeds from a match going to the "PlayDate", who at the conclusion of a game can be rated by the user on her "hotness, gaming skill and flirtiness".

GameCrush is restricted to those 18 years old and over, and players can select one of two kinds of match/date. I'll let the site's FAQ explain. "We have created two broad categories, "Flirty" and "Dirty" to help the PlayDate define and match her mood of gaming interaction and experience with those of the players. You can choose either option or both depending on how you feel!"

There are already 1200 "PlayDates" registered on the site, some of whom are serious about the whole thing, others less so, while others were born in former Communist states, caught whiff of the scent of internet money and stuck out their tits accordingly.

It's so hard trying to decide whether this is the best thing we've ever seen, or the worst. Might need to flip a coin.

There are four Xbox 360 games supported so far, those being Halo 3, GTAIV, Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War 2. If this somehow takes off, you can expect more platforms, as well as MMO titles, to be supported.

[via IGN]


    So it's like a hostess bar, but online, and with videogames.

    If I want to game with a girl I'll invite my girlfriend over, but hey, if guys want female company and can't get it, heres an option for them... I guess...

    Is there an option to be a GameCrush pimp?

      Only instead of pimp-slapping the girls when they get out of line, you send a DDoS attack :P


      Is there a worse word? I think we need one.

    Maybe I could get my fiance to register on this site and I could pay to have her play some games with me other than WoW.....

    Thats so pathetically sad that even I'M not going to consider it!

    Would this sort of thing need a license from microsoft? Using the 360 for profit seems like it should

    I wonder if there'll be a male equivalent.

    I'm not gay, and am under-18, but I think it'd be interesting to see whether or not one would be created for lonely men and women.

    Really, it's not that bad an idea. I mean, it's less creepy than hiring a prostitute (if you find that creepy). But I'm not an expert, but isn't $49.50 an hour for Xbox games or $82.50 an hour for flash games a bit excessive? You'd be better off spending that money on a date.

      Better yet, why not save up for a prostitute instead? Last I heard, folks don't climax from gaming, so this is pointless on so many levels.

        You'd be surprised how many people actually hire prostitutes for reasons other than sex. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to, or in this case, game with.

        The ones in my area are $90 for the first hour, so you'd be better off.

    I think this is a stupid Idea. I feel sorry for any "Nigel no friends" that would actually pay for this. It really is pathetic.

    I only wish that I was a female so I could get paid for playing games... but that wouldn't work because I would have my hands on my boobs all the time instead of the controller.

      5 star rating

    This is just stupid. Seriously, you'd be better off spending your money at an internet cafe or saving it for something better, like, a gift for a friend, perhaps?

      What if you have no friends, isn't that the point?

    Not being a "girls can't game" jerk, but I'm pretty sure these girls aren't being hired for their game playing skills. Would you REALLY want them on your team? Will the money be worth it when you freak her out after screaming down your mic after she heals a disguised Spy?

    You know, I have these days where I'm thoroughly optimistic about the human race and about how advanced we are...

    After reading this, this is not one of those days.

    Seriously? Is there no way in which women won't sell themselves and men won't consume them?

    look at her gaming skill rating!! shes a noob!!

    To anyone looking down their nose at this service, or any escort/prostitution service because you have a partner, you would do well to look at what the real cost and limitations of your relationship is.

    No derision either way from me, just take a real good look.

    haha wow, yes how ironic they're using modern technology to reduce women to the long standing business of prostitution. Sex sells. If only guy gamers could do this and girls would pay for it, you know how many guys love the idea of getting paid to play games? These girls are lucky! Introduce the male gigolo version pls kthnx

    If I were single, I'd rather go out and try and make some female friends and introduce them to gaming, if they aren't already into it. Sure it's more work, but a lot more rewarding.

    This just seems so silly and empty.

    I would probably do it if I as rich and did not have any friends. Better than playing with Barry who's pimple face want to make you throw up isn't it??
    My real question is how hard do the girls play?? I would imagine they would get quite good playing games with people for a living and no guy wants to pay a girl to come over and thrash him at his favorite game. Yet again the thought that they might be letting you win if you were beating then could never leave my mind and I think would spoil any fun that might be had.

    i want to sign up as a male-whore for gaming hire.

    This is stupid. But chances are that it will probably work, how tragic.

    ... D: There isn't that much of a shortage of girl gamers. And if you sign up for this then you're just buying into their business set up on a stereotype. Aside from graphics, no one seems to realise that games have evolved and so too have the gamers.
    Anyway, I'll sum this up in three words.
    Worst idea, EVER.

    This is so sad it makes me cringe. Spend your time and money on learning how to interact with women in real time.

    For all i know they could really be guys behind those screens using voice changers

    and people think the japs are weird...

    No. I have enough trouble shoeing my wife out the room when I actually get some time!

      Same here bro <.<

    It's too close to April 1 for me to take any post like this seriously for at least the next week.

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