Xbox 360 Console Spammed With Child Pornography

A couple from Dublin, Ireland had to call the cops last week when their Xbox 360 console was spammed with images of child pornography.

With their real names withheld due to the nature of the case, "Amy" said her boyfriend had been playing a game when a message from another user popped up. Upon opening it, he was confronted with "images of boys naked from the waist down".

The pair contacted both Microsoft and the Garda, Ireland's fantastically named police force. Microsoft, who self-moderate the Xbox Live service, instructed them to immediately delete the message, while the Garda have taken the console away as evidence.

Couple left sickened over child porn sent to Xbox [Herald, thanks Patrick!]


    Remind me not to call the police if this happens to me...I don't want my console confiscated!

    Dude i was playing Halo 3 with my 12 yr old bro and some absolute douche probably pissed of that i beat him or something, sent a message to me containing the image of penis. Seriously the idiots you find on xbox live. Im probably the biggest idiot for opening the message in the first place

    Why did M$ want them to destroy the evidence? Silly question, really. Why did the cops seize the console when they only needed to mirror the HD to a backup device? I guess cops are gamers too.

    No WAY would I call the police unless I thought the guy on the other end was producing it (rather than just downloading it). I don't want to get charged with possession of child pornography.

    I didn't even know you could send pictures on Xbox live. Interesting.

      I didn't think you could either.

      Does it have something to do with the Xbox Live Vision camera?

    Simple solution, remove the image function on Live messages. Would you really miss it? Better than getting CP wilst gaming.

    Now just wait until they start blaming child pornography on games. "... earlier that day Mr Pedo spent 27 minutes playing GTA-Something ..."

    Make it so you can send pictures only to friends!

      The simplest and best answer....and it works!

        Amen to that :)

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