Xbox 360 Elite Bundle Packs In Forza III, Halo 3: ODST

If you planned on doing any Xbox 360 purchasing this weekend, it might behoove you to cool your jets for at least a few more days. Amazon is listing a new Xbox 360 Elite bundle that's a solid deal.

The 120GB Xbox 360 bundle packs in two 2009 console exclusives, Halo 3: ODST and Forza Motorsport III, plus all the other expected accessories for $US299.99 USD. That isn't too shabby. pegs the release of Microsoft's latest bundle for March 9, just a few days away.

Kotaku AU Note: This is just for North America right now. In Australia, the 360 remains bundled with Pure and LEGO Batman.

Xbox 360 Elite Spring 2010 Forza 3/ Halo 3 ODST Bundle [Amazon - thanks, Khai!]


    If that got released here, I would actually consider buying one... And aside from those 2 games and the 2 GoW games, I doubt I'd ever use it for anything else...

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