Xbox Game Room Is Live And Broken

Microsoft's virtual space, Game Room, for hanging out and gaming has gone live for both Xbox 360 and Games for Windows. The early morning Game Room launch is fraught with tech issues.

After downloading the two game packets in Xbox Live's Marketplace, Game Room is not loading properly. When players attempt to load games on the Xbox 360 version, Game Room's loading screen hangs on the Xbox 360 version.

The Games for Windows version of Game Room is likewise broken. Attempts to install Game Room produced an error message that read, "Install of item failed".

When working properly, Game Room offers players the chance to check out classic retro titles from the 1970s and 1980s from game companies like Atari, Konami and Intellivision.

For the equivalent of $US0.50 players can play a game once or purchase the title for the equivalent of $US3 for either the PC or Xbox 360. For $US5, players can purchase it for both.

Game Room will feature "over 1000" classic arcade games.

Update: The Game Room is now up.


    Ok i downloaded it just then thursday 25march. It did freeze half way through installing. So I pressed the xbox button, went back to the dashboard and restarted it then it worked fine.

    I've been hanging ever since I heard about this coming out, I've gota say I am dissapointed in the game selection. The games are too obscure and they aren't popular titles. I wish the arcade game we have downloaded through street fighter, tmnt..ect would also work in the room but no.

    I can't see my friends going to my arcade to challange the scores cause the games are so lame. I hope very soon better newer games appear.

      Dude, why did you even get Game Room if you're complaining that:

      a) the games aren't popular enough

      b) you can't put games you already own in there

      It's mindblowing that Microsoft chose to have games that are obscure. Makes me want to play them all to find out what they are. Yeah, some might be crap but I'll have fun finding out.

      Do you really want 'popular' titles in there? What, like Pacman, Space Invaders etc. Christ, that would be boring as hell.

        "Do you really want ‘popular’ titles in there? What, like Pacman, Space Invaders etc. Christ, that would be boring as hell."

        Yes. Yes I do. They were popular for a reason - they were good games that some of us older gamers cut our teeth on. Put the obscure stuff in for us to have a look at but you need the classics as well to get people in.

        (to prove my point, ACMI in Melbourne had a video game exhibition on a year or two ago that had old arcade cabinets from the last fifty years that people could play. You want to know where the longest lines were? Pac-man, space invaders, donkey kong...the 'popular' ones)

          Yeah but you can get a billion different versions of those games right now for free on the internet, XBLA, Wiiware and a bunch of other places. You've probably got a version of Donkey Kong on your damn phone.

          Who the hell needs to play another version of Pac Man for god's sake? We've been playing it on and off for thirty years. Whinging about Game Room games being crap because they're not popular is just stupid. Why on earth pack it full of games you can get everywhere else? It would be a complete waste of time and money.

          And the general public turning up to play Space Invaders for free doesn't 'prove your point'. It just proves the masses want to play the same damn thing forever.

          Video games are awesome. Everyone who plays them needs to branch out and experience all different types of genres and retro titles. Anyone who gets given this fun service and then moans 'I DON'T KNOW THESE GAMES! WHERE ARE THE GAMES I'VE ALREADY PLAYED A HUNDRED TIMES?' needs to give their Xbox 360 to a needy child.

          That exhibition rocked. Although it did make abundantly clear just how sh*t at DK I am.

    Hey DavidR I am certainly not complaining about the games room enviroment. I love it, but the initial games really underwhelmed me. When pacman and donkeykong come out it will rock like a real arcade, but for god sake the first line up is weak as. I had a 2600 in the day and even i haven't heard of some of these obscure games. Can't wait for the capcom, midway, sega games. I will keep checking regulary on new games to come through.

    The lineup stinks but I'm sure that will grow. I like the concept and the fact that it has Atari and Intellivision, if they can get Imagic/Activision on board it will rock.

    I also like the idea of a consistant theme; XBLA is a bit hodge-podge with some of the games remade with weird sound and some with no retro graphics option.

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