Xbox Live Director's Account Hacked! (Are You Next?)

Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE online gaming network, has had his Xbox LIVE profile hacked.

Known by his gamertag Major Nelson, Hryb was part of the Xbox 360 launch team and was one of the first game execs to have a regular podcast and blog.

In his LIVE account, his bio info (Name, Location) and the speech bubble appear to be hacked. The hacker have been writing various messages on Major Nelson's account:

Kotaku is confirming with Microsoft whether Hryb has been informed of this hack and what further steps will be taken.

The hacker Fear™ has put up a YouTube video of his handiwork as well as his Skype name (Roid-Monkey) and is even offering to hack other players' accounts for US$60.


    I hope they just ban the guy's IP from using ANY microsoft product ever. No more windows or xbox live. That'd be so great.

      i have a feeling he/they will get a little more than a ban WHEN they are caught. if this is real.
      first mistake: the dickwad is using windows!!! what a moron. "i'll hack an ms employees acct (probably using a win machine) and then i will show the damn world my accomplishment via a microsoft os." seriously? that really screams "i like sodomy so much, i wanna go to jail for daily gang rapings" hahahahaahaha

      They should ban him from the internet just for talking like that, regardless of the hacking.

      Except that the dickhead in question would just reboot his router, getting a new IP and then someone else on the same ISP would end up punished for nothing.

      Now nailing his bollocks to a chair, however...

        He probably does not leave his chair much anyway, in fact, he would probably enjoy being nailed to it.

        How about removing his hands? No more typing for you!


      IP adresses do not uniquely identify a person.

      It is also trivial to get a new one and impossible to "reverse lookup" who owns one at a given moment (unless you have the money to buy a block directly from the governing body in your geographic area)

      Yeah no. You obviously have no idea of the workings of the internet.

      This guy's smart enough to just change his IP.

      Legal action, if possible, would be the best move. Or just release his name and address.

      Unless he has a dynamic IP and just changes it.

      I think he'll be more than just banned... that kid is going to jail once he's caught.

      I dont think banning an IP would work against a hacker for more than 5 seconds.

      I'm sure Microsoft has the means to hack him back and have him charged.

      That would be as about effective as sending him a email asking him to kindly stop.

      A vast majority of ISP's use Dynamic IP's so all he would have to do is refresh his connection, and that's if he wasnt using a proxy.

    I hope this guy gets hit with the Laws unforgiving hand

    Wow, this guy takes the cake for internet warrior of the month if he says fuck one more time I might just have to disconnect myself permanently in fear of his 1337 haxing skills.

    I can't wait to see what happens to this guy. Buuwahhaahhaaa!

    What a tosser.

    id be easy nuf to find him pay him the money then follow the paper trail

    dude is so gangstAr, you can hear it in his voice...

    Not that I should be surprised, but this guy sounds like a complete tool, sorta reminds me of ChadWarden.

    Should invest some of that money in a better mic

    Why is this even on the feed? its jsut some moron whos boasting about something stupid. it dosent show how he did it or anything. Hell for all we know they used the forgot my password link on the xbox live site and guessed his mothers maiden name or something.

    i would hardly call this "hacking". I love that this video can be used as evidence when Microsoft track down this moron from his site and sue him

    silly blacky can do this shit i bet any korean could..

    I bet he just guessed the the password.

    "Xbox360pwnsPS3" anyone?

    Personally I think they should pay people who find holes in their software.

    That way they won't abuse it first up and will go to them and get money for their hard work. Because most of the time it is hard work.

    I'm guessing this was just something small and the director was lax though, nothing major.

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