Yakuza 3 Has More Cuts Than You First Thought

So you thought the hostess bars were the only thing cut from Yakuza 3, a very Japanese game that's being brought to the West by Sega? Nunh unh. There are way more changes than that.

As you'll see below, the edits are everywhere. And before you complain, remember: Sega did so because if it had been left as the Japanese intended, you just wouldn't get it.


    Why wouldn't we have gotten it if the Japanese left it as intended? Still I'm gonna pick up my copy tomorrow!

      And just watched the vid funny as!

    I second that questioning of the why..

    This is balls, we always want games to be respected as art yet when it comes to the crunch they are happy to push out whatever the audiences will buy more of.

    What incredibly deep piece of Japanese culture would I not understand? Why is it assumed that Im some idiot gaijin? Should western companies dumb down colloquial references in their games?

    This is insulting, and just shows they didnt want to put the work in to localise it properly.

    tl;dr Mega64 makes joke about how stupid Segas decesion was, I concurred.

      i think this video used the Mr Show skit called "Pallies" as inspiration. Watch this skit on youtube and you will see it in the end for sure.

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