Year Three In The Life Of LEGO Harry Potter

I am proud to admit that I await the arrival of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 with giddy anticipation.

I'll be writing up my impressions of the DS, PC, PSP, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 title next week, but until then check out this latest video showing off the Traveller's Tale developed game. This one shows off a bit of year three.


    i too am looking forward to this. Hopefully it will be a decent HP game

    This is a LEGO game... a LEGO Harry Potter game. HOW could it possibly suck and NOT be any sort of decent.
    This screams pure awesome!!!!

    I didn't think its release was until July or something... HOW are you reviewing it so soon? Or is this one of those early reviews or "impressions"????

    BTW: That bus scene was some awesome shit right there!! Makes me more anticipated for this LEGO MMO!
    Whats gonna be awesome about LEGO HP is that, Star Wars and Indy has a lot of violence, so they dumbed down a lot of cutscenes for the rating AND humour and they were funny.
    But HP scenes will be almost exactly the same BUT with the humour. I can't stop thinking now how awesome the HP3 film was now...
    #3 #5 & #6 are the best... until Parts 1&2 of #7

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