You Must Be Brave To Wear These Shirts

Nintendo DS title Love Plus is a popular game. It a dating sim with young girls and has sold something like 180,000 copies in Japan. But nobody walks around advertising their adoration for the game. That is gonna change.

Outfit retailer NijigenCOSPA is offering Love Plus t-shirts that features characters Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa and Nene Anegasaki in swimwear. Going on sale this month, each shirt is a little over 30 bucks. Definitely for brave souls!

愛しの彼女といつでも一緒!二次元コスパ「ラブプラス」新作Tシャツ登場! [AkibaOS]


    These'll go down well with the ladies. LOL!

    You don't need to be just brave to wear those shirts in public. You need to have balls made of something well beyond steel, like some indestructible super-metal.

    Lol, $5 the guy who married "Nene" is going to punch out anyone who wears that particular shirt :p

    oh sweet, i was looking for some new clubbing swag.

    But it'd only be fellow Love Plus players that would recognise them for what they were, and what that makes the wearer.

    Though the general population would likely think you're some sort of pervert, so yeah, better only wear those round the house.

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