You Sent Us Some More FFXIII Postcards From Cocoon

Oh look what the postman has delivered. It's more of your postcard entries in our Final Fantasy XIII giveaway. Let's check them out.

The long-awaited Square Enix RPG is out now in Australia. Thanks to Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we have three FFXIII prize packs up for grabs. They are:

1st Prize * The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * The Official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (thanks to Bluemouth Interactive) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Plus, two runners-up will each receive: * A standard edition Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

How do you win?

Easy. We want you to send us a postcard from Cocoon, the world in which Final Fantasy XIII takes place. The wittiest/cleverest/funniest postcard we receive will take the major prize; the next best will score the runners-up packs.

You’ve got until midnight tomorrow to get your entry in. No multiple entries are allowed. We’ll be posting more of your entries as they arrive. Let’s take a look at another eight, selected at random, right now.

Do you think you can beat these guys?

Good luck!

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    You've posted 2 of those from last time, 1st and 7th pic. Starting to think that mine didn't make it to you.

      Me neither! :( I sent in my usual Cookie Monster one, but he has not surfaced.... Maybe Dave is saving it for the grand prize :-D

      Oh, forgot to mention, in the 1 in a billion chance I do ever win anything, PS3 version thanks :)

      Oops, you're right.

      Will be posting more this week before drawing the winner(s).

    "Wish you were her" haha nice.

    The Tiger Woods one is ingenious. That's my favourite of the ones I've seen :)

    'Stratedgy guide (pictured)'

    ...chicken on head. Smooth ;)

    When will the winners for this competition be announced?

      Same Question

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