Yup, That Rain Sure Is Heavy

As seen on Reddit.


    Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Sasha!

    Press X to Sasha!

    Yeh, you sure do make a lot of shit posts.

    Don't let the comment pass, that's fine, at least you got to read it. Retard.

      I laughed. Don't be a dick.

        Don't take it to heart, there's always gotta be one retard to spoil the boards... great post. Definitely highbrow :D

    I don't get it.

      Cause they're like.... heavies... from TF2... and they're like... raining down on people.... and stuff... and its like.... a pisstake on Heavy Rain..... and thus they're 'Heavy' Rain....

      Get it?
      Got it?

    It's Friday, and this made me laugh. Cheers!

    Half life 2. Is there anything it can't do?

      what's about suck?

    This was bound to happen.

    Highbrow leet's....

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