Zombie Infection: Resident Evil Done The Same

Quick! Name that game.

If you said anything with the words Resident and Evil in it, you're wrong, but don't be hard on yourself for confusing Gameloft's upcoming iPhone game Zombie Infection with Capcom's long-lived "not a zombie" game. The third-person shooter co-stars and man and woman working for a secret government agency assigned to investigate a bizarre plague in Africa.

What they find are infected humans, not zombies, that eat people and can only be stopped with a ton of shots to the body or a single shot to the head from a laser-sited pistol.

Much like other recent Gameloft iPhone shooters, players control their character's movement with a virtual thumbstick, aim by touching the screen and fire or melee by tapping an on screen icon.

The one big difference between Capcom's excellent iPhone port of Resident Evil 4 and Zombie Infection's obvious take on Resident Evil 5 is that you can fire your gone and walk in the Gameloft title.

Normally, that would be great, but as I pointed out in my review of the Capcom iPhone game, this is the one time that I think that the inability to walk and shoot actually adds to the experience, making it both creepier and more fun to play.

My time with Zombie Infection felt a bit too much like an attempt to cash in on someone else's beloved franchise and, this time, not succeeding.


    When do any sophisticated iphone games like this or assassins creed succeed?

    Why bother with these awful virtual controller schemes. Just put in some effort and design the game for multitouch - it is an iPhone game after all.


      Surely someone has to have done this by now.

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