Zombies Protest Against Aussie Game Ratings

Last year, Australian gamers protested against the government's lack of an adults-only video game rating by... dressing up like zombies and shambling through Sydney. This year, they did it again, only with more zombies.

An estimated 500 or so gamers met in Sydney's Hyde Park, donned zombie make-up and gear, then lurked around the centre of Australia's biggest city all day, no doubt trying to show people that zombies, while dangerous in fiction, are harmless in real life. Or something.

The march was accompanied by music and followed by beer, making it probably the best day out you can have during Sydney's autumn months.

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    Not the best way to rally for and adults R18+ rating by playing around like children...

      I was walking past town hall and saw them all from the other side of the road, was wondering what was going on. Only found out the next day what it was all for, since it wasn't obvious from afar, but it was a pretty impressive sight.

      Agreed. Good job, Sydney...

      I disagree to a point, I found great success in talking to people after the rally on the walk back home; explaining why I was covered in blood and the like. I talked up our key points (parity with international systems, protection for children, ease of use for parents and retailers). It was a fun day out that, IMHO, got people talking to the protesters about the issue. Not all protests have to be serious, somethings are about building a community of action.

      That isn't to say it was perfect...

      With massive respect to the rally officials, the actual zombie herding and message delivery lacked a little finesse. More wranglers, more communication (one low powered PA just didnt cut it. Can I suggest megaphones next time?) and a better system of introducing bystanders to the reasons and aspirations of the march were sorely needed.

      Also, props to the cops, who, while shutting down the Harbourside part of the march, were quite polite and happy to engage with the 'joeblow' protester. From what I saw anyway.

        MercSal gets it. Having fun is what defines the gamer community. The earlier, conventional protests that I attended attracted a very small turnout (in one case, only three people turned up). The march, conversely, attracted 500 people, and although I'm sure there were people there just along for the ride, there were a LOT of people there specifically to support the R18 rating.

        As for the organization issues; I agree, we could have done better, and if we ever organize something like this again, they we'll know what to look out for. Remember, we're a bunch of students who have never organized anything this large before, and who were paying for everything out of their own pocket (we had a plan to get a megaphone, but it fell apart at the last minute). It's a learning experience, and any suggestions as to how we could improve would improve will be very useful to us.

        Props to everyone who came along or who helped out, because even with its flaws it was a great day.

        tl;dr: Video games, serious business.

        Hey there.
        I'm the guy who put the shindig on, and Merc, I seriously agree with a lot of what you're saying.

        We tried to get more wranglers, but at too short notice, and money was a massively serious issue when it came to hiring the PA, printing flyers and other miscelaneous jibber jabber.
        Especially megaphones!
        Man those things are hard to come by!
        You'd think they were lamenated griffin heads or something.

        Plenty of mistakes were made, but they are all being learned from, and we're planning to put on another Zombie march later in the year. We will keep these wonderful days coming until I'm eventually gunned down in the streets in a duel with a highwayman.

        And Antzpantz, I challenge you to find a more enjoyable, lighthearted, and effective way of getting more attention to a good cause.
        Give me a better suggestion, and I'll probably do it.

        Next time will be better.

    If they pulled this off on the day of the Duststorm, now that would have been a sight.

    Nice. I can see the bumper stickers now - "I devour human flesh and I vote".

    This was not a purely political movement. The event was appropriated to some extent for the cause of an 18+ rating and net filtering, but it was also advertised widely among flashmob communities as just being a laugh.

    I've never seen children do this, and I can't think of a better way to advocate a mature games rating system than having a good time safely, young and old alike, even in an environment of simulated gore.

    Odd, some of my faith in humanity was restored when people pretended to lose it.

    Yo can we be kept updated with these upcoming shennanigans please so that we may attend. I'm not a Facebooker so I'm slightly uninformed it would seem. But right on guys, nice way to stick it to them. ZOMBIE POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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