14 Halo 2 Fans Refuse To Let It Die

Lots of people continued playing Halo 2 past the midnight deadline Microsoft gave 12 days ago for discontinuing original Xbox multiplayer support. Fourteen have managed to still keep their consoles connected and running since, prolonging the game's final goodbye indefinitely.

Console overheating concerns and dropped Internet connections have whittled their numbers, but so far, neither Microsoft nor Bungie has gone in and turned off the lights. Writes Joe Campbell, who started a thread on the sit-in/tribute on the Bungie forums:

We will keep playing until we are all forcibly removed. It could be by Microsoft, Bungie, our Xbox's overheating, or just lagging out. Not for competition, not for a prize, but for the love, and memory of Halo 2.

I want to thank everyone that I've played with in the past few days, this is by far my favourite memory in all my gaming history.

A few live streams have captured several hours of footage of the Halo gamers playing long past the bell.

As of writing, the final 14 are: Agent Windex, APACHE N4SIR, sherlok 1, SieferSword, Rob2D, Detenn, z0mbie stench, Lord Odysseus11, xxMAKDADYxx, H2o Shoagie, xxBooker Dxx, DirtyCajun, AForeignObject and HiredN00bs.

When can their glory fade? Honour the charge they made, honor the light brigade, noble 614!

The Final Few: Our Story [Bungie Halo 2 Forum via GameStooge]


    Or they could band together and play on Xlink Kai instead of destroying the xboxs.

    I find this fascinating. Imagine being part of the final few still hanging on, banding together in solidarity as players drop off 1-by-1 as each day passes. It's pretty wild.

    So what's the Last Man Standing to do.

    Play with themselves.....

    Halo 2 was such a great online game

    I think Microsoft and Bungie should use this to their advantage.

    As publicity for Halo: Reach, these Final 14 are eligible to win a Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach (and various added extras). To win all they have to do is be the last man standing.

    theres still over 200 people who play halo 1 on pc online its still really fun

    Kotaku should be doing a countdown as each soul disappears back into the void of real life. Godspeed boys, Godspeed.

    Thats just sad. Get a life.

      Eh, you just don't love the game as much as they do to understand.

    Isn't this exactly what being a SPARTAN is all about? The last man/woman standing against the inevitable?

    Personally I think this is kind of touching, especially if you're one of the guys at bungie who made this game. Reminds me of this

    "We will not go quietly into the night!

    We will not vanish without a fight!

    We're going to live on!

    We're going to survive!"

      or this: Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Heh, cute. :3

    I would love if Bungie and Microsoft did do a little thing for the last 10, 5, or one person left, like Daryl suggested. Great, easy publicity. :)

    Jesus Christ, idiots, just let it die...

    I loved Halo 2.
    But like your favorite dog as a kid, when it gets put down, you just gotta let it go.

    Stop hugging the corps man. Let...it...go.

    I can just imagine some fat goons somewhere with lumpy headsets doing the nerdier version of hippie-chained-to-tree thing.

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