21 Gaming Thumbdrives You Can't Buy

Gamers get tons of swag, and we post just about all of it here on Kotaku. But there's one thing we've never shown off.

USB Drives!!! I hardly want them, but with more and more laptops leaving out the DVD drive and FTP sites not able to handle a sudden deluge of downloads, USB drives are becoming the go to gadget for handing off game assets. And what game developer or publisher could resist fancying up their drive with some logos?

Check it out!

Brink's credit card USB drive.

Two USB drives from Disney Interactive Studios.



The USB drive stuffed into a wooden box used to store multiple Rick Rolls. Wait, does that mean EA pirated a song?

Ultimate Band


Firemint's diminutive Flight Control pin and USB drive.

Xbox 360


Namco's USB Drive includes this fun little keychain.

EA, now toughed up for safe use during team sports.

Game Cabinets.

Tetris 25th Anniversary

Hmmm, what could N7 mean?

Bionic Command's nifty USB credit card...

complete with warnings.

Nintendo's USB drive is really just a card reader that came with an asset-stuffed memory card in it.

The mysterious sounds of ARG.

Left 4 Dead 2.


Awwww, Critter Crunch.

Jumpgate dog-tag flash drive.


    I espcially like the bionic commando and namco USB drives.

    Competition time? :D

    Is it weird that I'm 10x more impressed by the Bionic Commando usb than I am the game?

    I wonder how many of these would work with the XBOX update???

    Yeah the Bionic Command and Brink ones are pretty interesting.
    And who doesn't like Jumpgate dog-tags too.

    EA sure spew out a lot of them. ^_^'

    Man, I'd love to get that N7 one or the Jumpgate dog-tags. Its just a shame they're probably too small for me to use (my 32GB keyring barely does the job).

    It does give me a few cool ideas for modded thumb drives. I wonder if I could make COG tags...

    LOL at the big ass silver EA thumb drive - they handed those around once... the VERY day after they'd told us we weren't allowed to bring any on the premises as we might steal their precious IP with them. Good times.

    Jumpgate, Bionic Commando and EA's Gameshow are really awesome, and makes me wonder why these aren't sold.


    N7 was Mass Effect, in case that wasn't sarcasm. It's the rank the player has.

      i thought the n7 referred to the armour?

        I always thought the N7 was because he was Normandy ground team member 7 not because of his rank. Don't Jenkins and Alenko have N designations on their default gear as well?

    Ca... can I have one?

    The sandisk EA USB stick is pretty much exactly like the forza 3 USB stick we got with the collectors edition other than the colour. ALso the forza 3 one was 2GB

    the dogtag one looks pretty awesome , and the Bionic Command one looks cool

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