7-Eleven Enters The Used Video Game Business

A Slurpee and a used copy of Prototype? It's more likely than you think. 7-Eleven is teaming up with Game Trading Technologies to offer a wide selection of "Great Games Below $US20" at franchise locations throughout the US.

Already known for its creative interpretation of the term 'street date' in regards to new video games, 7-Eleven will soon be offering used video games at more than 3000 stores across the United States. A partnership with pre-owned video game supply and service company Game Trading Technologies will see the debut used game bins branded as "Great Games Under $US20", filled with used titles for popular platforms.

"We partnered with GTT because of their experience and expertise as a third-party provider of video games and the terrific selection they'll offer to our customers," said Michael Jester, 7-Eleven category manager for gaming and electronics. "More than 60 per cent of US households now have at least one video game console, and consumers are searching for convenient ways to stretch their entertainment dollar in this challenging economy."

Game Trading Technologies hopes to have the program running at most US stores by September of this year.


    Allow me to take this opportunity to once again proclaim my love for slupees. I wish I had one right now! Also a big 'ugh' from me about second hand games. I wish the practice would die already.

      Slurpees are great, however the $3.60 variety is no small task. I was full for weeks.


    I dont quite see how trading in pre owned games is a bad thing, you save some money when you both buy and sell them

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