A 28-Year-Old Video Game High Score Falls

It stood for 28 years and took 58 hours and one quarter to beat.

Last night at 10.18pm Pacific time, Seattle locksmith John McAllister toppled the 1982 world record for Asteroids, racking up an amazing 41,338,740 points on the 1979 Atari classic arcade machine.

Once confirmed, McAllister, 41, will be the new world record holder for Asteroids' high score. The previous high score was set back in 1982, just three years after the game's release, by Scott Safran with a score of 41,336,440.

McAllister now has to submit the video recording of his marathon gaming session to Twin Galaxies, keepers of arcade high scores, to have it verified and, hopefully, entered into their office score book.

The score was considered by many to be unbreakable.

"It's basically considered a Holy Grail..." McAllister told KGW TV. "It was a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it."

History has been MADE! Asteroids Record FALLS!



    Must not have a life.

      And yet his name is now in a record book, and you will die in obscurity...


    Hey give the man credit, he's a locksmith...just because he never turns up on time doesn't mean he's not good at what he does!

    how can you do something like that for 58 hours, how do u take breaks for the bathroom and food (food could be brought to you)

      It's called "recycling", and by God it better not exist outside of my own head.

      You could be in the bathroom while playing.

    The lives counter of asteroids goes up to 99, so pro players rack up that many extra lives then have food/bathroom/nap breaks while 30-40 lives are lost.

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