A Complete Pictorial History Of The Nintendo DS

With the recent reveal (of sorts) of the Nintendo 3DS, the writing is finally on the wall for the company's venerable line of DS handhelds. With most eyes on the future, then, we thought now would be a good time to look to the past.

Saving the teary-eyed farewells for a later date - one where the DS line actually stops selling - we're today just going to show you pictures of every single Nintendo DS ever released. Original versions, colour changes, limited editions, the works. Why? Because nothing really hammers home how successful the DS has been until you see just how many of them there are.

We're pretty sure we've got most of these covered, but if you spot something that's missing - and have a pic of it - let me know and I'll add it. With so many out there, we're bound to have missed one.

To browse the galleries, click the pictures below.

Nintendo DS

Candy Pink.

Electric Blue.

Gold, a Toys 'R' Us exclusive in Japan.

Red, a Jump Superstars exclusive in Japan.

A limited edition console with a graphic of Pokemon character Mew.

Pearl Pink.

Poképark DS, available only at Poképarks in Japan and... Walmart in the USA.

Hot Rod Red, released as part of a Mario Kart bundle.


Titanium, the original DS retail model in its original colour scheme, first released in 2004.

The DS prototype unit, shown off at trade shows but never released to the public.

Nintendo DS Lite

A limited edition console collaboration between streetwear company A Bathing Ape and Nintendo.


A red & black DS Lite with Chinese motifs, available only in the Chinese market.


Pokémon Dialga and Palkia edition.

Enamel Navy, otherwise known as "that dark blue one".

Special Final Fantasy III console.

Another Final Fantasy-branded console, this time for Ring of Fates.

And whaddya know, another Final Fantasy console, for Revenant Wings.

Giratina Origin Forme, a Europe-only console available for Club Nintendo members.

Gloss silver.

Special Guitar Hero On Tour-branded console.

DS Lite branded with Gundam livery.

The Honeyee x Fujiwara DS Lite, probably the nicest-looking DS ever made.

Ice blue.

Jet black.

Jump Ultimate Stars console, available to readers of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump.

Lime green.

Love and Berry DS Lite, which came with a card reader.

Mario Red, with Mario's iconic "M" on the front.

Metallic rose.

Nintendogs DS Lite, available as part of a bundle with versions of the game.

Noble pink.

Phantom Hourglass limited edition console.

Pink Ribbon DS Lite, with proceeds going towards breast cancer foundations.

A slightly tacky Pirates of the Caribbean DS Lite, given to those attending the première of the movie by the same name.

Pokémon Center Pikachu DS Lite, available only in Japan.

Special DS Lite available only to members of Japan's Pokémon Daisuki Club.



With Nintendo enjoying close ties with the Seattle Mariners baseball club, the company released this MLB team-branded console, which is available only at the Mariner's Safeco field.

Another China-only DS, this time with Mario on the front of the unit.


A limited run of these were made by Nintendo and THQ, featuring an amazing Space Marine motif on the back.

A Winning Eleven DS Lite, complete with footballing strategy sketches all over it.

Yet another Square Enix-branded DS Lite, this time for A Wonderful World/The World Ends With You.

Nintendo DSi

Capcom and Nintendo teamed up for this Ace Attorney DSi.

A limited edition Echoes of Time DSi console.

SaGa DSi, released to commemorate the series' 20th anniversary.

Matte black.

Lime green.



Metallic blue.



A Pokemon World Champs DSi, given to winners of the 2009 championships.

A Kingdom hearts DSi, for DS title 358/2 Days.

Nintendo DSi XL

Dark brown.


Wine red.


    All of them very nice!

      All except for the prototype model, that's pretty ugly.

      I think I'm going to wait for a green 3DS or a Zelda themed one before I buy it.

        the DS prototype was way sexier than DSPhat

    I just had a DS overload.
    I bought an original 'Titanium' DS in 2005, and still have it and play it.
    I see no reason to get another one since it still works and does all the same things the newer ones do, which is play the games.
    If its one thing this list proves is that Nintendo sure know how to cash in on a product.
    I mean seriously, the Nintendo DSi XL?

    I don't have it anymore. But I was given a white ds lite with wario etched on top by nintendo.

    That was a pretty awesome article, so many nice DS'

    nice history of the ds there is a few missing i think though. my favorite is the pikachu ds lite which i was lucky enough to get my hands on a real one :D

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