A Great Trailer For A Fake Game

This video, called Round 6, is for a video game that doesn't exist. It's simply a concept piece, done by an animation studio, with the aim of making "a high quality video game cinematic styled trailer".

Whether it's parody or a sincere attempt at a portfolio piece, I'm not sure, but I think it works well on either level, the former for its brown/green tones and violence, the latter for the stylish lighting and animation.

Round 6 [Snowball Studios, via 4 colour Rebellion]


    Hell, I'd play it. Looks great.

    Blood Bowl 40k? :p

    Reminds me of Deathrow on Xbox

    Animation seems a little too jerky. Enough to break the illusion, but still, I'd play that.

    Too bad it's not real, but I most definately think this studio has garnered good reason for people to keep their eye on them. I know I will, oozes more atmosphere and style than the vast majority of it's current counterparts.

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