A Little Story About A King

A Little Story About A King

A Little Story About A KingIndie developer Jason Rohrer’s new game, Sleep Is Death, allows two players to collaborate in telling a story. Kotaku reader Simon Cottee shows the power of Rohrer’s project by turning his story into a moving short film.

In Sleep Is Death, one player creates the set (the locations, the characters, the general narrative arc) and invites the other player to participate. The players then take turns to interact and improvise a story; the host having the opportunity to duck into the game’s editing tools to create new items, animations, etc during each turn.

In her feature on Rohrer a few weeks back, Kotaku’s Leigh Alexander said “We’ve never had anything like this. Sleep is Death is something of a celebration of the idea that no artificial intelligence is as good or as smart as real intelligence.”

Kotaku reader Simon Cottee’s short film, an edited version of the slideshow you’re presented with at the conclusion of your Sleep Is Death session, demonstrates just how touching and poetic that experience can be.

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